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Home decoration, the purchase of lamps, curtains, aluminum alloy doors and windows needs a lot of thought, because the harmonious collocation of lighting curtains and heavy aluminum alloy doors and windows is a crucial link in the overall decoration, which can also be said to be the finishing touch

the types, characteristics, uses and popular trends of light curtains and aluminum alloy doors and windows suitable for family use today, and then make a purchase plan according to the structure and personality taste of your room to find products suitable for you

choosing lamps, curtains and aluminum alloy doors and windows should not only be practical, but also pursue the perfect unity of vision. For example, the aluminum alloy windows in the house need to have the characteristics and functions of heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, dust-proof, wind pressure resistance, etc., while the curtains and heavy aluminum alloy doors and windows should match each other harmoniously, and the lighting must match the curtains harmoniously, so the lighting and fabric art should be highly decorative and enjoyable. In terms of choice, vertical windows can be regarded as the most common one. The proportion of windows is harmonious and beautiful, which often gives people a solemn and elegant aesthetic feeling. When vertical windows are matched with curtains, they need to set off the curtain decoration of flat proportion and beautiful people accompanying the windows. Generally, floor curtains are used, and the gauze curtains with patchwork or hook flowers are selected in the inner layer of European cotton style curtains, together with luxurious and atmospheric marble lamps or streamer crystal lamps, showing elegance and vulgarity The extraordinary temperament of classical and modern integration. In addition, you can also choose iron lanterns with varied shapes, colorful and affordable, and match them with fresh and elegant window decorations to express your pursuit of fashion style and strong modern flavor

choose aluminum alloy doors and windows, lamps and curtains, in addition to paying attention to practicality and beauty, and matching effect. For example, the decoration of kitchen and bathroom should first consider waterproof, moisture-proof and fog proof. The windows can choose Kangying sliding windows or broken bridge aluminum windows (easy to open, strong waterproof and moisture-proof performance), and the lighting can choose ceiling lights or downlights (to have a bright and clean appearance, easy to clean). The kitchen is one of the most hygienic places, so curtains that are not suitable for cloth can be matched with shutters; The heavy-duty aluminum alloy doors and windows of the restaurant should choose modern simple style and simple and simple straight chandeliers, which are rich but not messy, simple and elegant

in addition, as an important role in home decoration, high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows are mainly energy-saving and environmental protection. Double layered hollow tempered glass should be used, which has the functions of heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation, waterproof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, wind pressure resistance and so on. You can choose modern, simple, fashionable, classic, classical, retro, Chinese, European and other styles of high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows decoration; The trend of curtain fabric art takes design and color as the theme, or simple striped or lattice curtains, or large-area overall design and color patterns, or abstract or dark contrast pattern curtains; Lighting has the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection, low heat durability. We pursue personalization and unique taste. Kangying customized high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows for you, showing temperament and connotation. I'm sure you'll like it




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