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From August 18 to 19, the new standard home wealth summit with the theme of "enjoy wealth, start from the door" was held in letaoju Hotel, Xintang, and 15 interested dealers from Xingtai, Hebei, Qinzhou, Guangxi, Nanjing, Jiangsu participated in the meeting

from August 18 to 19, the new standard home wealth summit with the theme of "enjoy wealth, start from the door" was held in letaoju Hotel, Xintang. 15 interested dealers from Xingtai, Hebei, Qinzhou, Guangxi, Fenghuang, Hunan and Nanjing, Jiangsu participated in the meeting. This is the first time that the new standard has held an online wealth summit since 2015, and it is also an exploration of new channels. With the core competitiveness of "innovation", Xinbiao boldly explores the production mode, marketing mode and channel construction. The success of this meeting means that this innovative channel expansion mode has gradually taken shape in the new standard

throughout the first half of 2015, the development of the home furnishing industry is full of difficulties, with factory orders decreasing, production costs increasing, and space profits shrinking, leading to a depression in the home furnishing market. In the face of this dilemma, Xinbiao furniture calmly thinks, seeks to break the ice point, and how to consolidate the confidence of dealers. For home furnishing enterprises, it is necessary to constantly improve product quality, cultivate new economic growth points from the perspective of consumers, and explore with practical experience. Xinbiao furniture has summarized a new way out for enterprises that integrate a large home furnishing mall, an integrated door and window Pavilion, and an integrated wardrobe Pavilion. These three models cover all kinds of markets Meet the different needs of customers, so that joining has become a "customized" model

the new standard, an integrated and customized enterprise integrating doors, windows and wardrobes, has become a new economic growth point to break the development dilemma of the industry. It not only meets the increasing personalized consumption needs of consumers, but also has a huge development space, which will bring huge economic benefits to the majority of dealers

standing in the "Internet +" tuyere, taking advantage of the momentum to fly

the new standard has been thinking about how to become a trendsetter in the customization era. The 50000 ㎡ new wardrobe production base has been expanded, and the fully automatic production line imported from Germany has been adopted. The wardrobe is designed with ERP management system and three-dimensional design. It can be directly entered into the computer and transmitted to the headquarters to automatically complete the opening quotation. Sufficient preparations have been made for the new bid

Premier Li Keqiang was calling for "Internet +" in 2015, which shows that its important role is extraordinary. In the face of fierce market competition in the traditional manufacturing industry, as early as 2012, Xinbiao teamed up with key dealers to open up online and offline sales channels, create a new online sales model in the traditional industry, and made an important contribution to the sales volume. In the tmall double eleven home decoration promotion, the sales volume exceeded 100. In 2015, it built a large home online mall, and promoted its cooperative dealers from 10 to more than 600 nationwide, covering the national sales outlets of Xinbiao, Form a strong o2o customized home shopping mall, which is expected to be put into trial operation in September; The new standard has already prepared sufficient "food and grass" for the promotion of home shopping mall: Baidu promotion, Sogou search, soso search, haosearch and other mainstream search websites have already been built, and they will be vigorously promoted when the mall is running

at the same time, with the help of new investment promotion modes such as online investment promotion meetings, contact with well-known third-party media in the industry, and increase the contact points with consumers and intended customers through joint CCTV, magazine advertising, anti-aircraft advertising, high-speed rail advertising, airport advertising, online channels, etc. Next, we will regularly invite customers with higher quality intentions to visit and negotiate with Xinbiao home appliances Guangzhou headquarters every month to explore deeper cooperation

visit the wardrobe production base

automatic wardrobe film coating production line

visit the new standard 1000 ㎡ exhibition hall

the official start of the wealth summit

Mr. Huang Dongjiang, chairman and general manager, delivered a speech

Mr. Li Qinghua, special assistant to the chairman, analyzed the home model

Mr. Wei, general sales supervisor, explained the franchise support policy

group photo of signed customers and staff




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