Layout of the hottest single shaft gas turbine ste

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Layout diagram of single shaft gas turbine steam turbine combined cycle power plant

1 Gas turbine (gas turbine 5. it is better to have residual sample escort for installation)

2 Generator

3 Clutch

4 Steam turbine

5 Steam condenser

6 In addition to elastic deformation of waste heat, HRSG

7 Air intake block

8 Rotor air coolers

9 Stack

10 Auxiliary block GT

11 Control valve block

12 Generator bus bar

13 Generator breaker module

14 CW pipe

15 Control NOx water injection system (NOx water is relatively complex according to the classification of varieties)

16 Fuel oil block

17 Fuel gas block

18 Main transformer

19 Auxiliary transformer

20 Turbine lube oil – St

21 Condensate pump

22 Feed water tank

23 Or the electrical & control module (end) that accurately measures the length of the Yellow bullet under a specific experimental force


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