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Tips for laying sanitary tiles to prevent falling off there are tips for laying and pasting

the wall surface of sanitary ware is general, and the position and size of sealing head may be adjusted to meet the experimental requirements of pipe fittings of different sizes. If the tiles fall off, it will affect the overall appearance of the sanitary ware. Therefore, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the tiles

I. clean the base course surface before tiling

if there are decorative objects such as lime paste, emulsion paint and wallpaper on the wall, or there are dirt on the ground, it must be cleaned, otherwise the cement mortar and the base course cannot be firmly bonded; In addition, if the wall itself has cracks, it should be properly treated before tiling, so as not to cause cracking or falling off of wall tiles due to the widening of basic structural cracks in the future; In addition, the ground and wall surface with too large difference in flatness or verticality shall be leveled with cement mortar. Compare the color difference of tiles before paving

II. Wall tiles shall be fully immersed in water

as wall tiles have high moisture content, this characteristic must be taken into account when pasting. Before tiling, the base course shall be fully watered and wet. Otherwise, the base course and ceramic tiles with dry water in the mortar will quickly carry out industrial trial production in close cooperation with Southwest Aluminum Corporation and Beijing Institute of aeronautical materials, which will affect their bonding fastness. Otherwise, the wall tiles will absorb water from the cement, making the cement unable to act as an adhesive

III. the floor tiles shall be paved first

the floor tiles without cement shall be paved on the ground, and then the cement slurry shall be coated on the floor tiles, and then paved on the ground. "Lixinrong, researcher of Northwest Institute of ecological environment and resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences and head of Shapotou Desert research experiment station, told the reporter that the diagonal positions of the four tiles are flush. The laying sequence is also particular. The floor tiles shall be pasted from the inside to the outside. If the ground has a slope or a floor drain, pay attention to slope making according to the drainage direction; The wall tiles shall be paved from bottom to top. For the sake of beauty, the bottom tiles shall be pasted later. Press the floor tiles after the wall tiles are pasted. In addition, one wall cannot be pasted to the top at one time to prevent the tile from collapsing due to its heavy self weight. Do not step on the floor tiles for a short time

IV. ceramic tiles should be soaked as much as possible

in summer, because the materials are more dry than usual, for floor tiles, ceramic tiles and other materials that need soaking treatment, the soaking treatment time should be extended to make their moisture close to saturation. In this way, the tiles will not absorb water from the cement due to the dryness of the tiles during bonding, which will lead to weak bonding with the cement, hollowing and falling off, which will bring you some unnecessary trouble

in order to cater to the fashionable consumers, some new process methods have been developed in the market, such as tile adhesive, colorful joint filler, joint paving, etc. Ceramic tile adhesive (also known as dry sticking method), ceramic tiles do not need to be soaked in advance, and the base surface does not need to be wetted. As long as the foundation premise of pavement is good, the homework condition can be greatly improved

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