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Recently, Zhang Jianchen, Secretary General of the itdia Alliance for technological innovation in intelligent transmission and distribution equipment industry (hereinafter referred to as itdia), led Li Jing, general manager of freshman mutual technology, a member of the alliance's governing unit, on the important factors affecting the usability, accuracy and service life of the tensile testing machine Ms. zhouxiaolin, the manager of ABB China, and a group of more than 10 people visited the R & D and sales center of Caimao communication in phase II of the software park. During the investigation, the company will focus on the fiber direction and load path of continuous carbon fiber reinforced materials, and show the cutting-edge testing instruments and equipment in the rubber and plastic products industry. Laichuanyou, the general manager in charge of launching new products, accompanied the discussion

itdia, formerly known as Xiamen power and electric industry technology innovation strategic alliance, was jointly established by ABB, Schneider, Xiamen Institute of technology, Xiamen cross strait science and technology exchange and cooperation promotion center, Xiamen Caimao communication and other 60 industry leading enterprises and organizations in December, 2008. As the only member unit in the wireless communication field in the alliance, Caimao communication showed the latest R & D achievements in the wireless communication field to the brother units of the alliance and shared relevant market information. The inspectors showed great interest in the bus WiFi system and 4G wireless video monitoring products of Caimao communication, as well as DTU data acquisition, RTU data measurement and control and other products closely related to power transmission and distribution, and expressed their willingness to cooperate in the future. The two sides completed the talks in a friendly negotiation atmosphere

as a member of the alliance, Caimao communication takes realizing wealth, realizing dreams and realizing value as its mission, takes first-class quality and excellent service as its service principle, and the overall enterprise shipment will be further improved. While becoming bigger and stronger, Caimao communication will uphold the purpose of the alliance and continue to contribute to the value creation of the Alliance for the society as always

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