LDPE price trends in the hottest domestic plastic

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LDPE price dynamics in the domestic plastic market

at present, the bullish demand test of various small household appliances in the intellectual disability performance test of the domestic mainstream market price is at yuan/ton, up by yuan/ton compared with last week, of which the mainstream price in the North China market is at yuan/ton, the mainstream price in the East and South China markets is at yuan/ton, and the Northeast market is at 6401). Net pressure test: 2 times the maximum working pressure, and the Northwest market price is at yuan/ton. In terms of enterprises, the domestic plastic market is bullish, and domestic manufacturers have raised the ex factory price one after another according to the excitement. At present, the mainstream ex factory price of domestic manufacturers is RMB/ton. Among them, the LDPE plant of Yanhua company produces 1f7b in line 2 and 1c7a in line 1 and 3 under ideal conditions. The injection plastic 1i2a will no longer be produced. At present, 1f7b is priced at 6500 yuan/ton, and 1c7a is priced at 6650 yuan/ton. The regional price is implemented. The new LDPE plant mainly produces film material LD100 this week, but the opening agent is added at the user's request, so the price rises to 6250 yuan/ton. For other brands, for example, ld160 is still 5900 yuan/ton, ld605 and ld600 are still 5750 yuan/ton. At present, regional prices are still applied to all varieties, with smooth sales and small inventory. The ex factory price of Daqing Petrochemical f18d (film material) in the province rose to 6300 yuan/ton, and the injection plastic m18d also rose to 6300 yuan/ton. The ex factory selling price in Lanhua province is maintained at 6250 yuan/ton. Maoming Petrochemical implements the ex factory price of yuan/ton for film materials, and has the intention to increase the price. The nominal ex factory price of Qilu Petrochemical in the province is 6500 yuan, and the actual transaction is RMB/ton. The nominal ex factory price of Shanghai Petrochemical LDPE is about yuan/ton

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