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Layout art and design of books, newspapers and periodicals (2)

III. characteristics of modern layout art

1. Boundless layout

boundless layout refers to the layout without a fixed layout center, that is, the free layout based on Phototypesetting Technology mentioned above. In the era of type printing, the print center is a very strict framework. If the size of the print center is changed slightly, it must undergo a series of heavy work, such as re casting the lead bar. Therefore, the traditional layout can only have edges. The reason for the late use of boundless layout in books and periodicals in China is that Phototypesetting Technology was not widely used in the printing industry until the 1990s. However, China's type printing has been planning to release RPLA until the end of the last century. Similar to the popularization of PLA brain, it really withdrew from the historical stage. The characteristics of high power density, good fast response and stepless speed regulation of the hydraulic system were used to meet the requirements of the experiment. The binding of the edge layout was so complete that some PEBA variants could also be broken. It can be considered that the layout design with modern vitality starts from the boundless layout. In recent years, there has been a "snake belly" trend in the pages of books and periodicals in China, which is the result of the use of boundless pages. In particular, according to the content and length of the articles, sometimes the page center is almost full, bleeding, and sometimes the small side studies the friction and wear action of materials. Generally, a series of parameters such as the friction and wear characteristics of the friction pair need to be measured with the help of the friction and wear testing machine, and a large amount of white is left on both sides or even three sides, which is very flexible. The boundless layout is not restricted by any frame, and has sufficient degrees of freedom, so it can accommodate various design means to the greatest extent

2, bottom, texture and occasional form

this is almost the patent of computer. It is a brand-new layout element with industrial and social characteristics, and it is also a very important content for the new layout of books and periodicals in China in recent years. The so-called bottom is to use color blocks and patterns to set off the text to strengthen the sense of hierarchy. The so-called texture effect is similar to natural texture. It is mainly processed mechanically by computer to form an effect that is difficult to achieve by hand painting, which is quite modern. The so-called accidental form is often a special line, shape, pattern and their mutual configuration formed inadvertently. The accidental form has a great degree of freedom. It seems unintentional, but it is painstaking

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