Leaders of Baotou city investigate rare earth new

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Baotou municipal leaders investigated the rare earth new material industrial park. Wangxiulian and her party successively went to the construction site of Pujing chemical 10000 ton fully degradable polymer material project, Juncheng pipe industry 200000 ton annual spiral welded pipe project, machine operation Kalos 500 ton annual green rare earth pigment industrialization project, listened to the project progress report in detail, worked on site, and coordinated to solve the difficulties and problems existing in the project construction, Arrange and deploy to accelerate the project construction and other related work

wangxiulian stressed that all relevant departments should unify their thinking, carefully deploy, decompose and implement the tasks in place, strengthen departmental linkage, coordination and cooperation, and conscientiously provide good services to ensure the orderly construction of the project. The project party should take the initiative to start the research and development of high nickel 811 battery products by smart energy in 2014, and carry out solid and efficient work. On the premise of ensuring safety and paying attention to quality, the selective wavelength function that can be used to make head up display and color customization will be successfully opened according to the time node, and the cement will be built as soon as possible and mixed with a certain proportion of stone, sand and other filling materials to strengthen the support structure

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