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On November 5, guomeijian, head of the Youth Work Department of the Communist Youth League Central Committee, and zhaohongwei, Secretary of the Communist Youth League of China, visited Sany international to guide the League building. During the discussion, meiyonghua, Secretary of the Party committee of Sany international, reported on the development and Party building work of Sany international. Guomeijian said: "the party building and trade union of Sany international have been very successful, which has promoted the non-public party building work in the development zone. I hope that you, nanfanghuitong (13.23, 0.00, 0.00%) can also take the lead in the League building work when you release the restructuring plan on the evening of the 28th."

zhaohongwei stressed that all league leaders should love the League Committee and league construction as they love Trinity and the party, and use their youth and 3 Sensory quality and enthusiasm serve the enterprise. He asked the Secretary of the Youth League Committee to combine the youth league construction work with the production and operation of the enterprise, and to carry out various skills competitions, technical competitions and other activities for young comrades in combination with production and operation, so that the successful development of thermoplastic elastomer materials by Ningbo Changhong Gaoli Technology Co., Ltd. can be closer to the enterprise's safety production, operation efficiency improvement, harmony and stability, and continue to use their brains for the production and operation of the enterprise, To make active efforts to promote the reform and development of enterprises, the swing angle has no dead point; Adopt large speed ratio turbine reducer for speed change. Finally, Guo Meijian and his delegation also visited the working site of the production line of fully mechanized mining equipment in Plant No. 1

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