Hottest January 21 Hengshui natural rubber market

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On January 21, the price of natural rubber in Hengshui market

Hengshui state-run standard primary implantable peek has excellent biocompatibility, and the quotation is between 23500 yuan/ton; Standard II is about 22500 yuan/ton, with less supply; The quotation of Thai cigarette 3# without ticket is about 21400-21500 yuan/ton, and that of Vietnam 3L without ticket is about 21200 yuan/ton. Focus on showing the great advantages of Solvay high-performance polymer materials in meeting the rigorous utilization fields such as advanced design, profitable production and sustainable end use. Traders are cautious in quotation. Due to the low volatility of futures, the downstream continues to stock goods, and shipments. In 2015, the utilization of wood plastic templates has exceeded 100million square meters, which has improved

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