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In recent years, Huawei, ZTE, BYD, Foxconn, oufeiguang, zhaochi, Xingfei technology, Haipai communication, Honeywell and other enterprises have "left" Shenzhen. In 2016, the GDP of Shenzhen exceeded 1.93 trillion, and on average, the GDP output per square kilometer was as high as 976 million yuan. "An inch of land is worth an inch of money", making Shenzhen the leader of large and medium-sized cities in China. At the same time, it also gradually loses many proud things, such as disposable idle land resources and industrial clusters developed due to policy, labor and cost advantages

a large number of enterprises have moved out, resulting in subtle changes in the consumer market and employment environment. I wonder if you have found that in the past two years, the tide of closing stores and the phenomenon of businesses running away in Shenzhen have increased significantly. In a recent social survey, 30% of job seekers reported that school recruitment and social security have shrunk seriously this year, and the time for reemployment and unemployment has increased by nearly 50%

in addition, due to the high rent and living costs, some workers in Shenzhen resigned and went to Dongguan, Guangzhou and other surrounding cities for development. The double dilemma brought by the escape of enterprises and talents is approaching this young city step by step

the LED industry is about to face an unprecedented tide of transfer. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 2000 LED industry chain enterprises in Shenzhen, with an output value of more than 150billion yuan, accounting for about one third of the country, and more than 80 listed enterprises and new third board enterprises. There are more than 20 led enterprises with their own properties in Shenzhen, which is only 1% of the number of enterprises

Zhao Fei, Secretary General of Shenzhen lighting and display engineering industry association, revealed that land search has become the main work of the Secretariat of the association before and after the National Day holiday. Shenzhen Guangming plot, with an area of 5000 square meters, can only be used for R & D and office work of the headquarters. Even if the 1billion yuan led listed enterprises are relocated, they have to queue up according to the process. Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhongshan, 100 million yuan level enterprises, in the view of the local government, land use indicators are limited, and other "large households" should be given priority. The price of a five story factory building covering 1000 square meters in Qingxi, Dongguan, also soared to 40million

cost is the main force to force away enterprises and talents.

due to the disappearance of policy dividends and demographic dividends, coupled with the limited space resources available for in-depth development, general enterprises tend to migrate outward and transfer costs when operating costs rise

expansionary relocation is the "springboard" for ZTE and BYD to expand their markets and production capacity. For Huawei, oufeiguang data display, etc., although the production lines have been transferred externally for cost reasons, the "brain" of Shenzhen headquarters has been maintained, and a new business model similar to "Shenzhen Guanhui factory" has been formed. For them, under the demand guidance of low labor cost and production scale, strategic retreat is inevitable, but Shenzhen's advantages in market environment, import and export trade, consumption power, policies, talents and so on still have great attraction. Cross regional coordinated development has become a compromise

judging from the migration time of Foxconn, oufeiguang and other enterprises, large-scale relocation is not a matter of nearly two years. Most of them have begun to move around 2010, but in recent years, the cost has risen too fast and the migration frequency is higher

another situation of "double transfer": adaptive relocation is also an incentive for the hollowing out of Shenzhen's industry. According to incomplete statistics, since 2007, Shenzhen has begun to relocate a large number of planned enterprises, including restricted industries, high pollution and high cost industries. Take the VOC control action of furniture manufacturing industry as an example. In the past five years, 565 construction materials and steel stored in the open air in more than 800 furniture enterprises in Shenzhen were stolen at night, and the coating production lines were removed or relocated

led enterprises missed guanzhonghui five years ago

as early as around 2010, Huizhou Zhongkai began the planning and investment attraction of the LED Industrial Park. Up to now, an enterprise such as Zhouming technology, Mairui optoelectronics, super frequency III, abison, Lehman, and maoshuo power supply should establish information sharing ① sample wear experiment: use the sample processed into a certain shape and size to carry out the experimental platform, upgrade the relevant computer software or replace the integrated system, and cooperate with excellent Internet enterprises and vocational and technical colleges to enhance the technology and ability in this field. A batch of listed enterprises have been put into operation for many years, A number of lamp enterprises with a hundred million yuan level have also caught up with this wave

recently, a new third board enterprise expressed its hope to acquire land in Huizhou as a raised investment project before IPO. "For several years, I felt that Huizhou was too far away from Shenzhen airport and too partial, and I was still a little illusory about getting land in Shenzhen, so I didn't choose Huizhou." The enterprise said. However, according to the feedback from Huizhou this year, 300million yuan has been classified as a small and medium-sized enterprise, which can be settled in the accelerator first, and the land will be considered for excellent use later

In September, the association held a Shenzhen China LED industry exchange meeting with Zhongshan Henglan government. At the end of September, the association organized nearly 10 enterprises to communicate with the horizontal bar. Because of the procedures of land bidding, bidding, auction and listing and the construction cycle, it will take at least 5 years for the real land to be put into production. Zhao Fei said that the association is negotiating a solution with the surrounding regional governments. Now the association has at least 10 enterprises looking for land together, with a total annual sales of more than 2billion yuan

"Shennan Avenue" LED industry cluster

according to the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of statistics, the city's GDP in the first half of 2017 was 979.9 billion, an increase of 8.8% year-on-year. In this regard, the municipal government has made two preparations for industrial migration: "consolidating the foundation" and "opening up new" have achieved initial results

"capital consolidation" is reflected in promoting the transformation from low-end manufacturing to high-end manufacturing chain. In the newly released "Shenzhen district level economic map", Nanshan regained the throne of "the first economic zone of Guangdong" by relying on the "low-end elimination and high-end introduction" mechanism and strong support for key industries

in order to open up the way and guide the future economy, on August 5, the general office of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government solicited opinions from all walks of life on the Shenzhen sustainable development plan (2017-2030) and the Shenzhen national sustainable development agenda innovation demonstration construction plan (2017-2020). The plan expresses its expectation that the added value of strategic emerging industries such as electronic information, life and health, artificial intelligence, new energy and new materials will account for more than 42% of GDP in the future, and that a number of world leading leading leading enterprises and invisible champions will grow

at the same time, after Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhongshan and other places undertook the first round of industrial transfer, Nanchang, Yiwu and other places have become the footholds of a new round of manufacturing. Since this year, enterprises in the LED field, such as zhaochi, mulinson, Hongli optoelectronics, Yimei core light and kripp, have settled in Jiangxi. As the capital of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang has initially formed a "Shennan Avenue" focused on the development of LED industry

"what can the airport group of Ganjiang new area develop? We choose the electronic information industry and photoelectric industry. Relying on the leading role of leading enterprises, we will create an industrial highland." Said xiongyijiang, deputy director of the Management Committee of Ganjiang new area and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the economic development (Airport) group

in Linkong group, the investment attraction concept of "production, research and development, sales, guarantee, supporting and service" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. When many enterprises settled down, the "asset light" version 1.0 that sold or leased the dormitories and factories built in advance to enterprises has been successful; Now, the investment promotion version 2.0 of "light assets" has also been launched, in which the Linkong group first acquires the equity of the real estate company responsible for the construction of plants and dormitories, and then sells the property rights to the project party after building the plants and dormitories

the airport group helps enterprises build staff dormitories and industrial complexes, and all auxiliary and supporting facilities other than productive facilities are built and provided to enterprises by the government; As long as enterprises build production lines and pay attention to the production within the fence. This mode greatly reduces the production cost of enterprises and can use limited funds for production

"Shenzhen's LED industry has a good industrial foundation. From packaging to lamp export, to products with good display screens, materials, equipment and landscapes, we are ready to support it in terms of land and financial policies. We welcome led enterprises in Shenzhen and even the whole country to settle down." Xiong Yijiang said

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