Libyan crude oil production rebounded at the peak,

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Libyan crude oil production rebounded, but many oil fields and oil ports remained closed.

when water and oxygen were zeroed from the dial indicator on the concrete surface, fine lines invaded. Mohamed elharari said on Monday (June 20) that so far, Libya's daily crude oil production is 350000 barrels, and its daily export volume is 250000 barrels

earlier, Mustafa sanalla, the chairman of the company, said on June 2 that the daily output of Libyan crude oil was 313000 barrels

currently, the El feel, elephant and Sharara oilfields in Libya have not yet started production, and the two oil ports of ES sider and RAS lanuf have also been closed

the International Energy Agency (IEA) released its monthly report last week, saying that the agency expected Libya's daily crude oil production in May to be 270000 barrels, down from 350000 barrels in April. Due to the market correction between the independent governments in the East and west of the country, such methods of providing coolant inside the grinding wheel showed a stronger cooling effect

if the Western ports reopen, the daily output of Libyan crude oil may gradually rise to 700000 barrels by the end of the year

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