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Liaoning vigorously promotes the automatic control transformation of hazardous chemical processes

according to the notice on publishing the catalogue of the first batch of hazardous chemical processes under key supervision (hereinafter referred to as the notice) issued by the State Administration of work safety, Liaoning Province recently inspected the automatic control transformation of hazardous chemical process enterprises and notified unqualified enterprises

at the beginning of this year, the relevant departments of Liaoning Province made a special evaluation on the automatic control of devices and storage facilities in general chemical enterprises, put forward the requirements for the transformation and rectification of automatic control technology, and provided technical support. Then, organize automation control experts to guide enterprises to determine the key control points and main control points of the device according to the size, dangerous characteristics and complexity of the device, and install alarm and safety interlock devices on the key control points

large and medium-sized petrochemical enterprises in Liaoning generally act faster. The advanced control and real-time optimization system implemented by Liaoyang Petrochemical aromatics reforming unit and 450000 ton PX unit has increased the PX yield by 0.37%, reduced the comprehensive energy consumption by 6.318 kg standard oil/ton, and achieved an annual energy saving of 4181 tons of standard coal, with an annual efficiency of more than 10 million yuan. In particular, its development and application of remote real-time monitoring and diagnosis system for key units not only comprehensively monitors and diagnoses all key units of Liaoyang Petrochemical, but also successfully decarburizes is a surface defect. It can accurately diagnose equipment faults of Ningxia Petrochemical, Daqing Petrochemical and other enterprises, and plays an important role in the safe production of key units of China's petroleum refining and chemical enterprises

up to now, 416 units of 194 enterprises in the province are involved in dangerous chemical processes. Among them, 259 sets of devices in 113 enterprises automatically control the control points according to the new requirements, effectively avoiding production safety accidents caused by extreme conditions in device operation. However, 157 units of 81 enterprises have not been transformed. Among the enterprises that have not completed the automatic control transformation, 19 enterprises have 39 sets of devices in the formulation stage, 44 enterprises have 98 sets of devices in the design stage, 14 enterprises have 16 sets of devices in the installation stage of automatic control equipment, and 4 enterprises have completed the installation of 4 sets of devices in the trial operation stage of automatic control equipment

according to the relevant person in charge of the Liaoning Provincial Administration of work safety, after the state raised the safety threshold, the transformation of automatic control of hazardous processes by enterprises has become a gateway to improve the safety level. The person in charge believed that the main reasons for the slow progress of the transformation were the small production facilities, poor economic benefits, high economic pressure on the transformation of brake control, low enthusiasm, and great difficulty in promoting the transformation of dangerous processes; F0 (n), a small pesticide enterprise, believes that the production equipment is simple and people can completely control it. In addition, some small ammonia plants believe that the main content of automatic transformation involves 102 automatic control transformation projects of gas making, desulfurization, carbonization, ammonia synthesis, ammonia storage and other processes, of which 26 projects are rejected. The total investment in the transformation of instruments is about 4 million yuan. If some small synthetic ammonia plants still use l3.3 compressors, the transformation cost is greater. This is basically impossible for small synthetic ammonia plants with sluggish market and extremely tight liquidity to transform as required, and they can only stop production and change careers

not long ago, the governor of Liaoning Province, Chen Zhenggao, stressed the need to seriously carry out the investigation of hidden dangers in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum storage and transportation, and other hazardous chemicals, so as to ensure that the automatic chain control of production devices with 15 dangerous processes will be completed within the year. The service life of nylon plastic injection molds is 10 times that of aluminum alloy die-casting molds. In this regard, the provincial safety supervision department made it clear that for the adverse transformation of hazardous chemical processes, polyurethane boards themselves can play a good heat preservation role, the progress is slow, and the automatic chain control transformation of production devices of hazardous processes does not meet the requirements of safe production or there are potential accidents. If the rectification is completed, administrative punishment shall be imposed in accordance with the law, and the work safety license shall not be replaced (issued)

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