Libya needs oil to get rid of its economic difficu

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Libya relies on oil to get rid of its economic difficulties

under the protection of the "national Transitional Council", the operational capacity of Tripoli port is gradually recovering. The picture shows a citizen looking out near the port on September 29. Photo by Jiao Xiang

the front line of the "Transitional Council" was frustrated

on September 28, Libya, which attacked Bani Walid, "these components must remain in normal use throughout the life cycle of electrical appliances." the armed forces of the Transitional Council suffered a heavy blow. The car of its northern front commander dau jedak was hit by missiles launched by Gaddafi's armed forces, and five armed personnel, including jedak and his two sons, were killed on the spot. Jettak is one of the highest ranking generals involved in the attack on Bani Walid

the offensive of the "national Transitional Council" armed forces against Sirte, another stronghold of Gaddafi, has also progressed slowly. Military personnel said that the airport and port of Sirte have been occupied at present, but the fighting in the city is still fierce. Gaddafi armed forces used submachine guns and grenades to carry out street fighting with the "Transitional Council" armed forces. Despite the cover of NATO warplanes, many people were ambushed by Gaddafi's forces because they could not understand the terrain in the city, and the follow-up troops could not be reinforced because of dense firepower

at the same time, the military of the "national Transitional Council" confirmed that Gaddafi's son Saif was currently in the city of Bani Walid, while Gaddafi's other son was commanding the battle in Sirte. Previously, a senior military official of the "Transitional Council" told the media that Gaddafi was hiding in the city of gudamis in the border area between Western Libya and Algeria, but this news has not been confirmed

the armed forces of the "transitional Commission" said on the 27th that Musa Ibrahim, one of the oldest and largest TPU manufacturers, who arrested Gaddafi, was sent to misrata for detention. It is said that Ibrahim was among the civilians evacuated from Sirte at that time, but was found by the "transitional Commission" armed forces

On the evening of the 28th, Barney, the military spokesman of the "national Transitional Council", held a reception, saying that the current focus of the "Transitional Council" is not to arrest Gaddafi, but to liberate the whole territory of Libya and ensure the security of the liberated areas. He believes that there is no need for combat vehicles carrying 106mm artillery and anti-aircraft guns in Tripoli at present. These weapons should be transferred to the outskirts of the city to respond to emergencies or to support front-line operations. Barney warned that the armed personnel should try their best to protect the security of Tripoli and prevent the fruits of victory from being seized by Gaddafi supporters

it was noted that armed men on Tripoli street were strictly checking vehicles on main roads. People who once worked in the foreign media Bureau of the former regime reminded that at present, Tripoli appears stable, but conflicts may break out at any time, because many residual forces of Gaddafi are still staying here and maintaining contact with Gaddafi

according to this person, some areas in the south are controlled by Gaddafi's supporters, and some tribal forces still support Gaddafi. Gaddafi's father is from Sirte and his mother is from Sebha. These two regions and surrounding tribes have natural emotional ties with Gaddafi, and have been given the problem oriented preferential treatment insisted by the Gaddafi government, so they will not easily abandon Gaddafi

On the 28th, berhaji, chairman of the Libyan Military Commission and former head of the Libyan Islamic Organization, called on the future new government to give corresponding seats to the Libyan Islamic Organization, and warned some people in power not to split. Because it has been unable to reach an agreement on the distribution of power, after the formation date of the new government was continuously postponed, the "national Transitional Council" announced on the 27th that an interim government would be established after the liberation of the whole territory of Libya

some analysts said that at present, the "national Transitional Council" is divided into moderates represented by Chairman Jalil, liberals represented by Chairman Jibril of the Executive Committee and Isis represented by berhaji, which means that the market competition is bound to be more intense in the future. They not only compete for power among themselves, but also face the challenge of participating in politics from regional tribes

Western companies resume oil exploitation

Ramadan, chairman of the Executive Board of the Libyan shipping group, told the media a few days ago that an oil tanker loaded with 381000 barrels of crude oil set sail from the eastern port of Libya to Italy on the 25th. This is the first tanker bound for Italy since the outbreak of civil strife in Libya, and also the third tanker leaving the Libyan port. Libyan "February" news said that at present, the ports in Western Libya are already in operation. It is reported that energy companies such as Eni group in Italy and total in France have resumed oil exploration in Libya

the head of the Libyan national oil group said that it was expected to increase oil production to 500000 barrels per day in early October to drive economic recovery and help Libya get out of economic difficulties as soon as possible

I saw in the port of Tripoli a few days ago that some stranded large cargo ships have completed unloading, and some have set sail. The head of the port told that the port of Tripoli was slightly damaged during the NATO air strike, and its operating capacity was gradually restored under the protection of the "national Transitional Council"

in Tripoli, it was noted that due to the weak social and economic recovery, prices remained high, the prices of drinking water, cigarettes and other commodities doubled, and people complained one after another. Ibrahim told the driver that the bank now strictly controls the amount of cash people withdraw. No matter how much they deposit, each account can only withdraw 500 dinars (1 US dollar or 1.23 dinars) per month, which is only enough to maintain food and clothing

it is reported that Ali tahuni, Minister of oil and finance of the "national Transitional Council", took 20million dinars to Sabha on the 27th to seek the support of local tribes. It is believed that the "national Transitional Council" is trying to exchange money for stability in the southern region

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