Liaoyang Bohua company developed degradable plasti

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Liaoyang Bohua company has developed degradable plastic masterbatch

Liaoyang Bohua Plastic Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a series of tableware and other products that can be used as a reference for users, such as degradable plastic masterbatch with controllable environment and deep processing. The successful development of this product effectively solves the problem of white pollution

this product has the function of degradation by light and heat, oxygen, ozone, water, wind and rain, waste gas and other comprehensive effects in the natural environment, and the degraded fragment powder is vulnerable to microbial erosion. The plastic film, lunch box and other products processed with this masterbatch can be completely degraded in the natural environment for 30 to 120 days, up to 6. Battery acupuncture experimental machine specification accessories: to the national "technical requirements for environmental labeling products"

it is reported that the demand for daily lunch boxes in the city is 50000 and 20000 plastic bags. The company's daily output of degradable masterbatch reaches 2 With 5 tons and nearly 100000 lunch boxes, it has become a designated manufacturer of unpacking products for more and more users in Liaoning Province