Liaoning Province plans to complete 870 batches of

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This year, Liaoning Province plans to complete the quality and safety monitoring of 870 batches of edible forest products

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on July 31, it was learned from the Liaoning Provincial Forestry and grassland Bureau that in order to establish and improve the quality and safety monitoring system of edible forest products and find out the quality and safety base of edible forest products in the province, Liaoning Province has recently launched the quality and safety monitoring of dry (hard) fruits, fresh fruits (vegetables), forest sourced medicinal materials and so on

according to the introduction, the quality and safety monitoring of forest products will determine the key monitoring varieties, regions, seasons and periods according to the local conditions, and establish a target system according to the territorial management principle. The monitoring objects mainly include national forestry standardization demonstration enterprises, national forestry key leading enterprises, professional cooperatives, large growers, individual growers, and wild economic forest production areas, so that the monitoring sites and contents are fully covered. Combined with the actual situation of our province, the plan of the forestry and grass department is shown in the following figure; 870 batches of monitoring tasks were completed in

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