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Liao zengtai, chairman of Wanhua industrial group: expanding the high-end chemical manufacturing industry will help improve China's overseas image

on November 28, Liao zengtai, chairman of Wanhua industrial group in Yantai, Shandong Province, said in an exclusive interview in Budapest, the capital of Hungary on the 28th, "Wanhua has achieved profits in the field of high-end chemical manufacturing through comprehensive integration, which has changed the understanding of Hungarians and global peers about Chinese people and improved China's overseas image."

in 2011, Wanhua acquired boside, a Hungarian chemical company, to achieve a global layout. While becoming an important global manufacturer of diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI), it also turned losses into profits

over the past six years, boside has paid more than 120million euros in taxes to the Hungarian government, saving the employment of more than 3300 people without any active layoffs. Liao zengtai said that boside jumped from the 36th largest company in Hungary in 2011 to the 10th company, and became one of the top 100 enterprises in central and Eastern Europe in 2017

Liao zengtai said that Wanhua's acquisition of baoside coincided with the further deterioration of the European debt crisis. Wanhua made use of its own technological advantages to further increase investment, carry out technological transformation and process optimization of baoside production units, expand production capacity and improve quality

"at present, baoside has become an important base for imported testing instruments of China's isocyanate industry, which has occupied the global layout of China's main markets. Pressing the power button makes China's isocyanate industry rank in the forefront of the world." Liao zengtai said

it is reported that through technical support, management output, capital output and cultural integration, the production and sales of isocyanate, the main product of best, has doubled, the annual sales revenue has increased from 760 million euros in 2010 to 1.23 billion euros in 2016, and the net profit has increased from 132million euros in 2011 to about 400million euros in 2017

boside signed a framework agreement on tripartite financing with China Development Bank and Hungary Development Bank on the 28th, and signed a financing agreement with the Export Import Bank of China

Liao zengtai said that Chinese local enterprises face many challenges in "going global", especially some small and medium-sized enterprises encounter some difficulties in talent, experience and ability. In order to cooperate with the construction of China's "the Belt and Road" and Hungary's "opening to the East" policy, under the guidance of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the equipment is bound to produce a certain tilt, Wanhua has planned a processing and manufacturing economic and trade cooperation zone with chemical industry as the main feature

he said: "in the new era, new normal and new situation, the cooperation zone takes advantage of the development opportunities of the Silk Road Economic Belt to give full play to Hungary's advantages in central and Eastern Europe. 1. The development direction of material testing machine is from sample preparation and detection to products (i.e. finished products and semi-finished products) The location conditions and good investment environment for the development of the detection direction. In August 2016, China Hungary baoside economic and trade cooperation zone was officially recognized as China's National Overseas Economic and trade cooperation zone. "

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