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Liaoyang Petrochemical successfully developed two new instruments

recently, the gt-280 combustible gas alarm controller and gt-180 intelligent gas detector developed by Liaoyang Petrochemical Company have passed the identification and inspection of the National Metrology and testing center, Liaoning Academy of Metrology and the quality supervision and testing center of low-voltage explosion-proof electrical products in the mechanical industry, and have the conditions for mass production

gt-280 combustible gas alarm controller and gt-180 smart gas have appeared. The subsequent disassembled body detector is a new instrument approved by the company in April, 2006 and developed by its affiliated instrument factory. After more than a year of software and hardware development and repeated research on the internal structure and material selection of the product, the research, development and prototype production of the product were completed at the beginning of this year. After the identification and testing of the national professional department, these two new instruments have good adaptability to the environment, more performance price ratio, and can meet the needs of users of different production scales. Among them, gt-280 combustible gas alarm uses the alarm controller on the road. 3. The measurement system can be divided into several technical indicators. In the process of mixture development, the use of electronic tensile testing machine has reached the domestic advanced level, and the technical indicators of gt-180 intelligent gas detector have reached the international leading level. (dongxinguang peak)

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