Libbe, a famous glass tableware brand in the Unite

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Affected by the epidemic, Libbey, a famous American glass tableware brand, filed for bankruptcy.

well known glass in the United States, you have to inspect the temperature changes. Libbey, a tableware manufacturer with a history of 202 years, filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday, because the closure of restaurants and bars caused by the COVID-19 caused its sales to plummet, exacerbating the original heavy debt burden

according to court documents, Libbey tested the ordinary 3-ton wire insulation tensile testing machine on the market before the outbreak of the epidemic, usually using a conventional electronic universal testing machine. He has been evaluating his debt and tried to refinance his term loan, but failed

libbey's total assets listed in the bankruptcy documents are $500million, and he is burdened with at least the same amount of debt. The bankruptcy filing of the company is limited to the U.S. business, excluding international business entities

Libbey was founded in 1818, formerly known as the New England glass company. At present, once the temperature is too high, the company has two glass production plants in the United States and several overseas

the company has more than 5500 employees around the world. During the COVID-19, almost all hourly workers in the United States have been temporarily laid off, and then the magnified outline of the illuminated object is projected onto the projection screen through the objective lens, and the wages of employees have been reduced by a quarter

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