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On November 10, the official of Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce released the market inspection and quality sampling results of LED lamps sold on the Internet platform. The results showed that of the 25 batches of LED lamps sampled this time, 4 batches were unqualified, and the unqualified detection rate was 16%. The printed structure also had micropores that were difficult to obtain by conventional 3D printing

unqualified marks

have become the main problem of LED lamps

it is understood that the Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce conducted market inspection and quality sampling inspection on 25 batches of all kinds of portable, fixed and embedded LED lamps sold on the five network platforms of Feiniu, JD mall, Carrefour official, tmall mall and yihaodian. Among them, 9 batches of tmall mall were sampled, and 2 batches were unqualified; Five batches of flying cattle and Jingdong Mall were sampled, and one batch of each was unqualified. According to the sampling inspection results, the four unqualified batches of products have the problem of unqualified marks

On November 8, the officials of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision announced the spot check results of the quality of embedded LED lamps produced and sold in Shanghai. After inspection, among the 23 batches of products sampled this time, 13 batches of unqualified products, with a failure rate of nearly 60%, and these 13 batches of unqualified products have marking problems

it is understood that the unqualified mark refers to the absence of mandatory marks such as trademark, model, rated voltage or voltage range, rated power and fixed frequency. The signs should be fresh and durable, and should not be marked on screws or similar parts. The marked items are unqualified, mainly because there is no model of the marked lamps, no source marking information, no relevant warning message information, no relevant information indicating that the lamps can be installed in the loop, etc

the disturbance voltage is unqualified

brings many effects

among the 13 batches of unqualified products sampled by Shanghai Bureau of quality and technical supervision, the disturbance voltage (power terminal) of 5 batches of products is unqualified. Including high molecular materials obtained from the processing and modification of LED downlights (nominal trademark CDN Sidon lighting, specification and model cea12501g 5W, production date/batch number 2017.3.10) produced by Foshan Fupin Lighting Technology Co., Ltd There are problems with the disturbance voltage (power terminal) of five batches of products produced by Shanghai Longsheng industrial Co., Ltd., including LED straight down square flat lamp (nominal trademark Mingzu, specification and model lze12a 12W 0.2W 54, production date/batch number June 20, 2017). It is understood that the disturbance voltage belongs to a kind of radio disturbance. If the disturbance voltage (power terminal) of lamps is unqualified, it will interfere with the surrounding radio and television lamp electronic equipment, make it unable to work normally, bring electromagnetic pollution, and seriously cause adverse effects on human body

according to the sampling results, among the four batches of unqualified LED lamps sold this time, in addition to the unqualified marks, there are also two batches of unqualified lamp cap interchangeability and two batches of unqualified mechanical strength items. Shanghai runguo Information Technology Co., Ltd. sells "Daoyuan bright eyes" brand LED bulb lamps (specification and model: E27 3000-3300k AC220V 5W (nominal packaging)), which are nominally produced (or supplied) by Zhongshan Dongsheng Zhuang Yu lighting manufacturer. The single qualified rate of lamp cap interchangeability is 92%, lower than the standard requirements. The interchangeability of lamp cap is to assess the consistency of lamp cap size. This index is unqualified, and the size of lamp cap is not well controlled, which is easy to cause the lamp cap to fall or cannot be screwed into the lamp holder. The measured mechanical strength of "punter" brand ball bulbs (E27, AC220V, silver, 9W, 2700-3000k, warm white light) sold by Shanghai Ponte Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang tmall Network Co., Ltd. is not in line with the national standard. If the anti torque performance of the mechanical strength assessment lamp is unqualified, the product cannot be used normally, and the user may have potential safety hazards when contacting live parts

according to the sampling results, the Shanghai Department of industry and Commerce has ordered the relevant operators to immediately stop selling unqualified goods, comprehensively clean up the goods in stock and on sale, and plastic products were first born in the early 20th century. The operators who sell unqualified goods were investigated and dealt with according to law

purchase reminder

you need to "look more" when purchasing LED lamps

led lamp market is mixed, and the choice of purchasing lamps is also increased. Whether you buy them in physical stores or purchase them, you should pay attention to the following points when purchasing LED lamps:

first of all, it depends on whether the output and demand of lamps are constantly increasing, and whether there is manufacturer name, address, trademark, model specification, rated voltage and other information, Carefully check whether the product model is consistent with the model and specification of the inspection report and safety certification certificate, and whether the electrical parameters are marked correctly; Second, check whether the power line of the lamp has CCC safety certification mark; Third, check whether the electrified body of the lamp is exposed. After the light source is installed into the lamp holder, fingers should not touch the electrified metal lamp cap

when buying LED lamps for children, avoid buying metal shell table lamps with high heat output of light sources. Check whether the lamps are stable and choose a style that is not easy to overturn. In addition, it is also necessary to choose table lamps with high anti electric shock protection category, such as class II lamps marked with the symbol "back"

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