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The publishing industry entered the main battlefield of digital publishing

the 6th Founder Digital Publishing summit was grandly held. The meeting was held in an innovative way. People from all walks of life from the digital publishing industry chain gathered at the main meeting of the summit. Most varieties responded to the index requirements. They spoke freely on the digital publishing summit channel, conducted in-depth communication on topics such as the development trend, operation planning, profit model, copyright and technology of the digital publishing industry, and interacted with friends

sun Shoushan, deputy director of the General Administration of publishing, pointed out at the meeting that the General Administration of publishing will actively implement and promote digital publishing related projects, promote the development of full process solutions for digital composite publishing systems, and actively promote the cooperation between traditional publishing enterprises and digital publishing technology companies, closely focusing on the goals put forward in the outline of the national cultural development plan during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period

the prospect of digital publishing is promising

the 2007 China digital publishing industry development report jointly released by founder Abby and the China Institute of Publishing Science pointed out that the total number of e-books in China reached 400000, and the scale ranked first in the world; China's digital newspaper industry has accumulated a lot and developed rapidly. Among the 39 domestic media groups, 33 have launched digital newspapers; The growth rate of mobile reading is obvious, and the prospect is attractive

the report also made a bold forecast for the development of the digital publishing industry in the next five years: more than 30% of users will read e-books and digital newspapers; 70% of the publishing houses across the country will realize cross media synchronous publishing; 80% of the publishing houses in China will provide readers with on-demand printing services through pod system; 90% of the national newspapers will launch digital newspapers; The total number of genuine e-books in China will exceed 1million

digital publishing is a revolution in the publishing industry and the general trend. Liu Chengyong, director of the information center of the Commercial Press, said in an interview with China intellectual property news that data showed that in recent years, sales of traditional publications have continued to decline, and online reading has increased year by year. Although at present, the profit source of publishing houses mainly depends on paper sales, and digital publishing cannot make profits in the short term, traditional publishing houses should pay enough attention to digital publishing

explore new development models

Zhang Lixiang, director of the digital publishing research office of the China Publishing Research Institute, said that now the industry has reached a consensus on the development prospects of digital publishing. Now is not the time to call for the importance of digital publishing, but the development stage to consider how to carry out digital publishing practice

the initial development of China's digital publishing industry was driven by technology providers. Now most of them have developed into digital media providers and also serve as digital content providers. However, the traditional publishing units are in a passive state due to their insufficient understanding of digital publishing, and often only play the role of content provider in the digital publishing industry chain

however, with the rapid development of the digital publishing industry, many traditional publishers have fully realized the significance of digital publishing, and also actively entered the field of digital publishing to launch their own digital publishing products. For example, a number of digital publishing products such as three-dimensional teaching materials of Higher Education Press, reference books of the Commercial Press, and the leather book database of social science literature press have come out one after another

the commercial press is one of the earliest publishers in China to carry out information construction, and has actively explored digital publishing. It is understood that the Commercial Press carried out information construction at the end of 2007, formed its own set of digital publishing concepts, carried out a series of practices, and successfully implemented lexicographic corpus and compilation system, reference books, on-demand printing and other projects

the commercial press is trying to extend its corporate brand and product brand established in the traditional publishing field for many years to the field of digital publishing, and strive to build a strong brand in the field of digital publishing. According to the types of publications, product features and historical periods of publishing resources, the commercial press divides publishing resources into modern and historical parts. Modern publishing resources include reference books, general books and periodicals, and have corresponding digital publishing forms: reference books, general books, e-books, periodical network learning platform and Chinese linguistic periodicals, historical publishing resources, on-demand printing and Oriental Magazine database. The commercial press should not only be a content provider, but also a digital publisher, striving for and mastering the dominance of digital publishing

in the field of newspaper industry, since the birth of the first digital newspaper in China, "Zhejiang" digital newspaper in February 2006, China's digital newspaper has developed rapidly in just two years. By 2007, the indoor temperature protection used in the roof, ground and basement wall covering is very suitable. More than 500 digital newspapers have been issued nationwide

"Zhejiang" digital newspaper is jointly developed by Zhejiang newspaper group and founder Abby. The graphics and texts on the newspaper page can be clearly read through the page, and for example, those on the newspaper end can be converted into voice. In the future, video images can also be embedded in newspaper pages to become a real multimedia newspaper. Since its inception, the digital newspaper has been in good operation, with 70000 daily visits. At the same time, he pointed out that digital newspapers did not cause much impact on the sales of paper newspapers, but increased the sales of paper newspapers and expanded the user base

copyright protection is the key

with the rapid development of the digital publishing industry, piracy and infringement problems occur frequently. Due to the concealment of infringement means, it is difficult to investigate and obtain evidence. Therefore, how to protect the copyright of digital publications has become a hot issue in the publishing industry in the high-tech environment

an industry should develop healthily and sustainably, and the rights and interests of all parties in the industrial chain should be protected and balanced. For the digital publishing industry, digital copyright protection technology is the key to the development of this industry. Zheng Wei, executive deputy general manager of Founder Abby, said in an interview that the DRM digital copyright protection technology independently developed by founder Abby can protect digital content such as e-books, digital newspapers, electronic magazines and electronic documents, and realize the controllable secondary dissemination of digital content. It not only protects the rights and interests of authors and publishers, but also protects the normal legal application rights of readers, as well as the right to borrow and extract in the library. At the same time, this technology also facilitates the dissemination and sale of statistical content on the Internet, such as the number of copies sold by e-books and the abnormal phenomenon of the hydraulic system of the customer pull experimental machine, which provides a guarantee for the establishment of a new business model of digital publishing

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