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Aixun released the 3rd generation Intel Core Digital Kanban dedicated player ops870

Aixun Co., Ltd. is very honored to introduce an industry-leading digital Kanban dedicated player ops870-hm compatible with Intel open easy plug specification (OPS), an Intel Core central processor equipped with the 3rd generation 22 nanometer process technology, and an Intel hm76 PCH mobile chipset built in, It is easy to install to any digital electronic signage platform compatible with Intel OPS architecture, which can carry out system maintenance and upgrading more easily and efficiently, and provide the best solution for high drawing efficiency, full high fax image quality content and dual screen display in the field of digital electronic signage platform. Choose ops870-hm, and the user will be lighter? We have more digital Kanban applications

chenzanhong, convener of the Association for the promotion of digital electronic Signage Industry, pointed out that the digital electronic signage with open and easy pluggable specification (OPS) can simplify the safety and production process of the digital electronic signage platform and the standard system installation, maintenance and upgrading equipment with full coverage of detection methods. With this specification, digital electronic signage manufacturers can develop the system faster and more cost effectively. The ops870-hm newly launched by aisun is compatible with this OPS open standard, including multimedia playback motherboard, display motherboard, etc. it can connect commonly used HDMI, DisplayPort, USB and other interfaces through the standard 80 pin Jae TX 25 connector

Wang Youren, product associate of the digital advertising product planning department of the product planning office of aisun, said: the aisun ops870-hm is a very Mini lightweight body with a width of 18, a depth of 12 and a height of 3 cm, which effectively saves system space; Compatible with the open pluggable specification, it provides innovative and simple methods. Users do not need to disassemble the whole system, and can easily plug and unplug the hard disk drive and replace the memory, which is more convenient for system maintenance than in the past, and greatly saves installation and maintenance costs. It can not only shorten the time to market, but also quickly introduce market applications

ops870-hm supports HDMI interface, DisplayPort interface, UART and USB 3.0 signal interface through standard Jae TX 25 connector; Pluggable hard disk drives and replacement of system memory are convenient for system maintenance. This module is equipped with a group of 10/September 2017 100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports and ultra-high speed USB 3.0 interfaces to provide fast and efficient data operation and transmission; In addition, a set of PCI Express mini card slots are provided, and a set of fixed rotating lineless antennas can be selected. On 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless Area Road (through the synergy between the three LAN)/3g mobile/gprs mobile/fm FM radio/av capture card and more interfaces, it is easy to fly in a convenient and zero time difference road world

the third generation Intel Core Digital Electronic Kanban player ops870-hm of aisun has begun to provide shipping services; If you need more product information, any technical support or quotation, please refer to aisun Taiwan station or letter axcn@, or contact aisun regional business to obtain exclusive and more efficient services. In addition, Aixun also provides comprehensive customized services. Manufacturers interested in odm/oem are welcome to contact us

compatible OPS (open and easy plug specification) architecture special case for digital electronic signage ops870-hm main product features

equipped with the third generation Intel Core CPU, built-in Intel hm76 PCH chipset

pluggable hard disk should not be removed for a long time, properly stored and replaced memory, convenient system maintenance

support high-level HDMI interface

support full high fax image quality content playback function

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