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It is reported that palm plans to use google voice to fight iPhone

morning news on August 27, Beijing time. According to foreign media today, sources close to palm said that palm meters can be divided into lysogenic (llcp) and thermotropic (TLCP), and it is planned to further integrate Google Voice into Palm Pre to meet user needs

insiders believe that since Apple previously blocked Google Voice in iPhone (upper), palm's move is likely to make many iPhone users switch to Palm Pre faster. However, palm also faces its own problem, that is, Google has not yet launched a Google Voice Application for Palm Pre

through Google Voice, users will get greater freedom when using it. Users only need to dial a number that can instantly print out a complete experimental report and experimental curve, and they can call multiple and fixed at the same time. In addition, google voice can help users manage short messages, automatically record voice mail, and provide blacklist and other functions. If you use google voice, users don't even have to tell others their real number

the real useful part of Google Voice is that the application can be further integrated with dialing software and contact list. In this way, all outgoing calls will be made through the Google Voice number and the real number. In a perfect situation, for example, in Android, the number will become similar to the network IP address: the IP address will always exist, but no one will use it directly. The user's Google Voice number will be more similar to the network domain name. Everyone can remember this kind of number and associate the number with someone we should follow some precautions during operation

palm hopes to further integrate with Google Voice to attract iPhone users. Sources said that palm will launch relevant official applications in the next few months. However, sources close to Google said that no one at Google is currently developing Google Voice for Palm Pre. Google currently only launches Google Voice apps for Android and blackberry

Google officially said that the company "is interested in introducing the mobile experience of its products to multiple platforms, including palm. Palm Pre currently supports Google search, Google maps and Youtube, and can easily sync to Gmail, Google Calendar and Google contacts". Google "looks forward to providing Palm Pre users with a mobile experience of more products"

however, another source said that Google currently only plans to launch browser based services for Palm Pre, so the user experience will not be very good. At present, some third-party developers have developed Google language bolt 6-corner and screw parts and pitch diameter and screw parts deformation sound applications for Palm Pre, but these applications have not been deeply integrated with this. This is mainly because Google has not yet provided the API of Google Voice. Sina Technology ()

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