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CCTV "surging power" Ι Is it hard to find a sharp tool to make money? Recently, the fifth episode of the large-scale industrial documentary "surging power" was broadcast on CCTV. The xca1600 all terrain crane, the world's first crane, showed the dexterity and equipment charm of large-scale heavy equipment, outlining the strong driving force of the core components of the industrial system

driven by the wind

the world's first crane market is hot, and one machine is hard to find

Shaanxi Zichang is building a wind farm with 500 fans, which can meet the power needs of millions of households every year after completion. The wind farm has rugged mountain roads, deep valleys and steep slopes, and the instantaneous wind speed reaches level 7

it is extremely difficult to complete the accurate installation of the fan at an altitude of 130 meters

avatar transformers

perform extreme air ballet

hoist the giant fan blades to a height of 130 meters. For xca1600, such a hoisting task is just a small test

strong hoisting power and excellent operation performance, such as causing material expansion and deformation, causing adhesion cracking, causing stress concentration, etc; Background 2 is the aging problem of high molecular materials in engineering utilization, which has caused orders for xca1600 all terrain crane to rush in, and the factory is overwhelmed. The monthly rental price has risen from onemillion to four million. For users, getting it is equivalent to getting a money making artifact

in the face of the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, China has made a commitment to wind power and solar power generation by 2030, with a total installed capacity of more than 1.2 billion kw, three times the existing installed capacity, which makes it difficult to obtain wind turbine hoisting equipment

I have worked as a construction machine all my life. I am very proud to see this composite machine reinforced with carbon nanotubes. Get this car, it's the money printer

whenever he mentions a 1600 ton crane, Wang Min is always excited

walk against the wind

original hydraulic parts provide surging power

1600 crane 0.30 ~ 0.35 such a gunner cannot do without a powerful hydraulic system

complete the overall docking of impellers and blades at an altitude of 130 meters. Speed, stability and accuracy are the key. The displacement of the top of the oil cylinder supporting the boom at the bottom is 100 mm for each millimeter of extension, which is a great test of the inching performance of the hydraulic oil cylinder

the boom cylinder of large tonnage crane needs a high-strength long stroke thin-walled cylinder. Due to the lack of basic technology in China, the main reason why China could not produce large tonnage cranes in the past was that the cylinder material could not meet the demand

in order to solve this dilemma, XCMG's R & D team began to study and study the principles and methods of cold drawing process since 1994

with the practice of nearly 100 tons of steel pipes for more than two years, XCMG finally broke the core technology of cold drawing confidential parameters, which has been controlled by industry giants, and completed the transformation from neck sticking to straight waist

materials are saved by 30%, strength is increased by 50%, and inner hole roundness diameter error is 0.3 mm. The cup full of water does not spill at all when the oil cylinder is running

the cold drawing machine independently developed by XCMG is the cold drawing machine with the highest degree of automation and the longest stroke in Asia. The maximum cold drawing length. Some electronic parts and circuit boards are sensitive to static electricity up to 18 meters, which can meet the production and manufacturing needs of all large tonnage crane cylinders of XCMG

the powerful hydraulic system composed of oil cylinders with excellent performance has achieved the strength of 1600 ton crane high-altitude challenge

it is the consensus of the machinery industry that those who win hydraulic pressure win the world. Almost all engineering equipment cannot be separated from hydraulic devices. After years of efforts, XCMG hydraulic cylinder has reached world-class in terms of pressure bearing, lightweight, reliability and other technical indicators. The breakthrough of key basic parts has really consolidated the strength of manufacturing world-class products

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