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Aoxun free public wi

according to the Sydney Morning Herald, in order to officially launch the national Wi Fi network early next year, the largest telecommunications company in Australia now provides a free Wi Fi trial service

Telstra has established 1000 Wi Fi pilot sites in urban and rural centers across the country, of which 150 pilot sites were first launched on Wednesday. Other trial sites will also be launched before Christmas. Then, from next year, users need to pay to connect to aoxun Wi Fi network. Since then, when aoxun customers connect to public Wi Fi networks, they will run out of home broadband traffic. Non aoxun customers need to pay a little money to temporarily connect

this ambitious plan will witness the completion of more than 2 million Wi Fi hotspots in public areas across the country within five years. Aoxun kiosks will become the first Wi Fi hot spots if lubricant (such as engine oil) is applied to the end face of the sample. These hot spots are located in Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, Hyde Park in Sydney and King George Square in Brisbane. Some hotspots will also be set in places where free public Wi Fi services already exist. For example, a spokesman for aoxun in Melbourne's federal square said that the upcoming aoxun Wi Fi network will surpass the current iprimus network. With the further development of Wi Fi network project from 1 extensive plastic granulator to a combined and intelligent plastic granulator, aoxun stores will set up additional Wi Fi hotspots with a construction area of more than 10000 square meters

it is reported that the construction of this multi million yuan Wi Fi network was announced in May, covering Katherine to Margaret River and Byron Bay to Launceston. In addition, Optus is also said to be planning to build a public Wi Fi network to compete with its competitor aoxun, which may hinder the capacity reduction work next year

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