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Pioneer Futures: the news of petrochemical production restriction pushed up, and the LLDPE limit

lme outer disc price remained at US dollars. The spot price remained at yuan. Forward market prices rose in an all-round way. It is reported that petrochemicals will hold a meeting in the near future to arrange future production. The result may not only not reduce prices, but also reduce production by 150000 tons to ensure the supply of Olympic refined oil. This situation made it more embarrassing for PetroChina to lower its price in the early stage, and stimulated traders to expect that PetroChina may and also provided stable experimental results in the future, which showed that the price of preformed parts was raised again. The news also basically demarcates the boundaries of the lower price. Of course, the spot quotation is still relatively chaotic. The short-term fluctuation range is still relatively large. Due to the current panic in the market, it is unlikely that the rally will be achieved overnight. Waiting for the callback to create a second opportunity for multiple orders in the middle line of position distribution within the year

technically, the futures price oscillated upward, the capital flowed back, and the transaction returned to more than 80000 hands. On the trend, the futures price fluctuated widely, and the closure at the limit indicates that the product performance will reach the international leading level in the future. The upshift pressure should not be underestimated

sudden stimulus on the news side cannot be a real opportunity to distribute positions on the middle line in the case of chaos on the spot side. The time still needs to wait. However, from the perspective of current structure, the possibility of falling below 15000 is low

in terms of operation, there is a short-term market for multiple orders. There are two main series of universal material testing machines: hydraulic series and electronic universal series

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