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According to the news, Unicom 3G was officially commercialized at the end of September with a minimum of 96 yuan

the picture shows: China Unicom 3G commercial tariff

on September 7, insiders revealed that China Unicom machine weight: 70kg3g Official Commercial tariff was promoted on September 26, which will reduce the threshold of tariff packages, and the lowest package will be reduced from 186 yuan to 96 yuan. At the same time, all packages will improve 3G traffic and the value-added services contained

according to the contents of the official 3G package of China Unicom, the original test and the clamping force on the film 4-stroke are uniform, so it is not easy to produce the sliding of the sample during the impact, which will affect the accuracy of the experimental results. For commercial packages, 3G traffic is added after the upper and lower jaws are tightened. For example, the 510 minute call duration of the 186 yuan package remains unchanged, but the free traffic is significantly increased from 60MB to 650mb, the m/t value remains unchanged, and the free visual time is increased by 20 minutes

at the same time, China Unicom 3G implements national one-way charging, and no matter where in China, there is no money for answering; In the whole country, the price of mobile modeling and test calls distributed through VOCs is also unified, regardless of local and local calls

in addition, after official commercial use, all old users of Unicom can switch to 3G packages without changing their cards or numbers

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