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In a word: China and the United States are discussing the elimination of the range of tariffs.

a word in the machine tool business column] a word is spread all over the world. Hello, I'm Xiao Wei from machine tool business. Now let me tell you about today's machine tool. Please look at the main content:

the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference today (14th). In response to questions related to the China US economic and trade consultation, spokesman Gao Feng said that China has repeatedly stressed that the trade war starts with the imposition of tariffs and ends with the abolition of the imposition of tariffs, which is an important condition for the two sides to reach an agreement. The elimination of tariffs is in the interests of producers and consumers, China and the United States, and the world. It is the interests of both sides, not one side. []

on November 7, the opening day of the school of mobility of Shanghai Jiaotong University of the Sprague group was held in Shanghai to extend the world's second VCC pilot evaluation device for oil construction. On site, a technology opening day was held for the aerospace and medical industries to discuss and share experiences on current industry difficulties and hotspots. At this time, the piston stops rising; The efficient cutting scheme of aviation industry is shared with you. []

Esther's joint stock company completed the equity delivery with CLOOS, and the German century brand CLOOS officially became a member of the Esther family. Realize the strong alliance of eston +cloos robot brand, and help the rapid development of robot industry. []

recently, the 2019 China International Information and Communication Exhibition was held in Beijing, at which the 13th China communication industry list was released. The annual Top 50 list of China Industrial interconnection was released simultaneously. The horizontal tensile testing machine was born on demand. After being shortlisted in the first China Industrial interconnection top 50 list of the year, the intelligent Yunke isesol industrial interconnection platform performed stably and made a strong debut again. []

on November 5, the second China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the CIFIT) was grandly opened in Shanghai. Sinomach deeply participated in the Expo, successfully completed the exhibition invitation work of high-end equipment Hall 3 and the related work of outdoor ice and snow equipment exhibition area, successfully assisted in the Sino foreign enterprise cooperation forum of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the signing ceremony of central enterprises, fully undertook vehicle support services, signed 17 import procurement contracts, and helped the Expo become better and better. []

in order to broaden the vision of enterprises, actively integrate into and serve the the Belt and Road initiative, and promote comprehensive exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and European countries in investment, trade, science and technology. Chengdu industry association organized 11 member enterprises to participate in the 14th China EU investment and trade science and Technology Cooperation Fair, some of which achieved remarkable results in the China EU enterprise project matching fair. 【】

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