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recently, the upgrading project of Jiangxi telecom intelligent scheduling system has completed its final acceptance! This good news was obviously expected by far-reaching scientific and technological engineers, and everything was taken for granted. As early as 2010, Yuanchuan technology's scheduling and operation management system software has become the first in the domestic market share. It is the software most used by telecom operators and the best evaluated by small platform customers with a fluctuating curve. This system upgrade connects with the new customer traffic platform, realizes data access, data storage, data analysis and value mining, and meets the automatic operation and management needs of Jiangxi Telecom

project background: facing the problems of system docking and use after the update

with the business development and environmental changes, the traffic and business systems of Jiangxi Telecom Group have been upgraded many times, but the operation scheduling system is still purchased in 2009, which has fallen behind the requirements of system docking and use after the update

customer pain points: isolated application, poor management

the original operation scheduling software is independent of the new traffic platform, data barrier, and isolated application

at present, it is impossible to ensure that sufficient personnel are distributed in each period of the shift, and the personnel scheduling is very frequent, which hinders the on-site management

it is impossible to accurately predict the traffic of the next viewing all --> periods, and conduct on-site scheduling and traffic analysis

implementation path: electronic and systematic operation process

access to the new traffic platform, and realize intelligent scheduling through intelligent statistics, analysis, calculation and prediction. The overall framework of the intelligent scheduling system is to build an integrated operation management support platform based on the basic data of the core business system, to assist in personnel management, scheduling management, on-site management, quality management, etc., and to realize management operation and data display through employee personal portal, management background, large screen and other methods

coordinate the balance between the traffic volume and the number of customer service personnel, the stability of operation indicators and the comfort and fairness of personnel arrangement. Through upgrading and optimizing the scheduling algorithm, reasonably arrange staff working, dining, rest and other time, and improve staff work efficiency

add on-site management functions, including activity arrangement, personnel planning, seat position management and other seat on-site management functions, providing managers with an effective monitoring platform and timely monitoring means. Managers can give early warning in time according to the monitoring situation, adjust manpower, and initiate emergency plans to ensure the high-speed operation of on-site operations

core competitiveness: simplification, infinite level, customization, diversification

simplification: new flat UI interface design, more effectively convey information, making user operation simple and clear

infinite level: decoupling optimization of personnel and organization nodes, the use of human anchorage fatigue testing machine and the functional characteristics of the equipment. What force resource module architecture is there? Organization node optimization is upgraded to infinite level, and personnel can be hung under any organization node

customize: customize the approval process and shift exchange rules, optimize the shift change process, managers can preset shift exchange rules, and set the approval authority of the team leader through roles, which is more in line with business attributes and configuration logic

diversification: the decoupling between the scheduling project configuration and the scheduling specialty is optimized, the scheduling idea is clearer, and the scheduling mode is diversified: the templated configuration attributes and rules are abstracted into the scheduling specialty, making it a master; The attributes and rules related to scheduling indicators and scheduling parameters are concretized into a scheduling item. With the scheduling specialty as the master, the combined scheduling of multiple traffic groups and multi group parameter configuration can be carried out to achieve the diversification of scheduling combinations

customer revenue: integrated and efficient operation, solve front-line work difficulties

cooperate with the new traffic platform to build a simple and consistent digital operation ecosystem across isolated data

the system controls shift scheduling and personnel business monitoring: the shift schedule is visualized and the system is process oriented, which is convenient for applying for leave, shift change application, automatic approval and other operations, so as to liberate the call center managers from heavy work

the system automatically arranges shifts to ensure the succession personnel with relevant skills within each succession period and ensure the connection rate; Realize long-term and short-term traffic prediction, and conduct comparative analysis according to the prediction; Realize the long-term and short-term personnel forecast, and generate the relevant demand personnel forecast according to the traffic forecast

the shift from data collection to data analysis has further developed management skills and management level, and management tends to be flat and refined

with the development of technology, intelligence has become a new productivity. Yuanchuan technology is committed to the research and development of intelligent voice interaction technology and scene extension, improving customer interaction experience, and helping enterprises realize intelligent customer service with innovative service methods

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