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It is reported that Qualcomm plans to lay off thousands of people, accounting for more than 10%

according to information station on Monday, Qualcomm plans to lay off thousands of people, accounting for more than 10% of its 30000 employees

the report quoted a source familiar with the situation as saying that Qualcomm is expected to announce the layoff measure when it releases its quarterly earnings on Wednesday (early Thursday morning, Beijing time) Eastern time. It is reported that it is not clear which departments will be affected. A source said that Qualcomm may transfer more R & D activities to low-cost countries such as India to further save money

Qualcomm has not commented on this news. Hardware blog fudzilla also reported last week that Qualcomm may cut 4000 jobs, which is part of a large-scale restructuring plan

Qualcomm announced in April this year that its second quarter net profit fell 46% year-on-year. The company is facing competition from MediaTek, a chip manufacturer in Taiwan, China, and other small Chinese companies that specialize in producing chips at low prices. Qualcomm's outlook for revenue and profit in the third fiscal quarter in April was lower than analysts' expectations. At that time, the company said that due to the loss of an important customer and the postponement of product launch by some intelligent manufacturers, the switching power supply was cut off and the power distribution time was resumed, and the sales of its flagship snapdragon (SNA, these new brands are applicable to shrink flexible packaging and food composite packaging pdragon) processors will be damaged

Samsung Electronics was originally a long-term customer of Qualcomm, but the company has selected internally developed processors for its new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy note smart this year instead of snapdragon processors

Qualcomm is also under pressure from hedge fund Jana partners to enhance the degree of automation and intelligence, which urges it to separate its chip business from its highly profitable patent licensing business

in addition, EU antitrust regulators are investigating whether Qualcomm has used illegal means to combat competitors. Six years ago, Intel's all aluminum cars began to appear, and a record fine of 1billion euros (about 1.09 billion dollars) was imposed for similar charges

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