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Vietnam Daily reported that it was difficult to export rubber to China through small trade

according to Vietnam's Saigon economic times station on November 23, it was difficult to export rubber to China through small border trade last week. According to the Ministry of industry and trade of Vietnam, at present, the rubber export trade at Mangjie border port in Guangning province (corresponding to Guangxi Dongxing port, which should also pay attention to the maintenance of equipment parts when using the equipment) is still depressed, and the daily trading volume is only 100-200 tons. The decline in trading volume has led to a sharp decline in export prices. The impact on the experimental machine industry is triggering a green revolution. Last week, the rubber report at the port said that the capacity of lithium battery materials was gradually transferred to China. The lowest price of rubber was 21800 yuan/ton, and the highest price was 22600 yuan/ton. On November 23, the selling price of SVR3L rubber further fell to 20800-20900 yuan/ton (excluding tax)

Vietnamese rubber dealers said that the economic downturn led to the unsalable Chinese tire products and the decline in the demand of Chinese importers, which hindered the export of Vietnamese rubber. In addition, in order to bring the rubber import and export into the positive trade track, the relevant Chinese administrative departments stipulated that the rubber import price should not exceed 23000 yuan/ton, which also affected the small amount of rubber trade at the border

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