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Integrity is the foundation of an enterprise. Comfortable living has focused on the wardrobe industry for ten years and abides by the code of integrity. It is the industry recognized golden brand in China's household consumption reputation list

enterprise integrity means that enterprises should abide by the law and discipline in all activities of market economy and win people with trust. In the market economy, enterprise integrity has economic value, is the affirmation of the value of enterprises in morality, law and other aspects, and is an important part of enterprise intangible assets

if the home building materials enterprise is compared to a "boat", the customer is "water", and the root is credit. The sincere service of home building materials enterprises will directly determine the loyalty and satisfaction of customers to the enterprise, and the loyalty and satisfaction of customers also directly determine the development prospects of home building materials enterprises

integrity is the foundation of an enterprise. Comfortable living has focused on the wardrobe industry for ten years and adhered to the integrity code. It is the industry recognized golden reputation brand of Chinese household consumption. When most enterprises choose to follow the "foreign brand" route, comfortable living always adheres to made in China. "Ten years ago, when we chose the brand name, we took into account the issue of integrity management - we did not fake the" foreign brand ", but chose a very Chinese name" comfortable living ". The company is positioned as a Chinese brand, and the raw materials and most designers come from China." This is the first integrity rule defined by Wang Yongwei

media publicity is a double-edged sword. Enterprises that abide by integrity can promote a positive and healthy image through the media, while enterprises that practice fraud will set themselves on fire and pay a heavy price for false behaviors. Wang Yongwei said that in recent years, some negative news in the home building materials industry has been reported by the media almost every year, especially the cases of dishonesty during the consumer rights date in March have been repeatedly exposed. These things should attract the attention of enterprises and draw lessons from them

in the face of complaints, Wang Yongwei believed that "we should help customers solve problems in a sincere manner. If there are quality problems, we should change them and return them. This is the most important thing to do a good job in customer service in an all-round way. If enterprises want to avoid complaints, they'd better do their own work well, one is the quality of products, the other is service." Wang Yongwei not only requires enterprise employees to strictly abide by the service spirit of excellence for dealers, designers and even installation workers

as for the rampant counterfeiting and infringement of Shanzhai brands in recent years, Wang Yongwei believes that the first reason is that the access threshold of customized furniture is low. Hundreds of thousands of funds can establish a Shanzhai factory, which makes a large influx of opportunistic businessmen. Secondly, there are some unscrupulous merchants in the market who try to earn a high price difference by purchasing fake products, which contributes to the proliferation of fake factories. The quality of most fake products is not guaranteed, which not only disturbs the market order, endangers the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, but also causes losses to enterprises that independently design and strive to create brands




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