How many small details of home decoration traps be

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1、 Choose a company

1. Wear a vest and associate with a famous enterprise

some decoration companies are affiliated and contracting enterprises, but deliberately omit terms such as entrusted agent in the decoration contract, and once there is a problem, no one can be found

2. Ultra low price without beginning and ending

some decoration companies set bait fishing to list several items with low unit price as bait, and use the items that are not registered to compensate after being hooked. This practice is called "not beginning and ending" in the industry

II. Sign the contract

1. Do tricks on the single area

generally, the owner pays attention to the price of the single item when decorating the home. As for the actual area, it is generally estimated. In fact, this area is also where the home decoration company or foreman do tricks

experience: after the individual price is negotiated, you must not be afraid of hard work. Measure the area and size of the individual with the home decoration company or foreman, write it down, and implement it on paper

2. The process description is ambiguous

when the home decoration company or foreman quotes, because the owner will pay more attention to the price of individual items, he often ignores the process description, especially the material, specification, grade and due description

experience: we must verify the material, specification and grade face-to-face, and implement it on paper as an annex to the contract

3. The final quotation has changed secretly

generally, after the quotation is modified three or four times, the other party will give the owner the final sample. At this time, we must pay attention not to take it for granted. As previously discussed, some treacherous home decoration companies or foremen will do some tricks on the process description or area, simplify some processes or secretly change some materials

experience: when signing the contract, you must personally compare and check the corresponding terms one by one, and whether they are consistent with the final conditions negotiated by the home decoration company or the foreman. For example, it was originally said that the shoe cabinet panel used 9 cm board, but the contract became 3 cm board. (, the most professional home decoration portal)




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