The wind of nature blows into Mediterranean style

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Mediterranean style home coloring is bright, bold, rich and simple. It can reproduce the simple idea of Mediterranean style, capture light and take natural materials

now, come with me and blend with the sky and the sea

after tense and busy work, indulge your thoughts and imagine the Mediterranean sky, ocean, beach, the blue and white with a leisurely flavor floating in the air everywhere, as soft as tulle, making people feel free and open-minded, and life seems to become as quiet and distant as the scenery outside the window

the main color of white in the living room awakens the Mediterranean plot of everyone who enters here. Complemented by the classic blue embellishment, the fresh breath of the Mediterranean is coming

Mediterranean style is a typical representative of ocean style interior design. It is named for its rich humanistic customs and regional characteristics in the Mediterranean region. It is also one of the decoration styles with the most humanistic spirit and artistic connotation

after the impact of white and blue, there are many decorations that enrich the living room, which makes the whole atmosphere integrate and feel very harmonious

if you have to choose a color to fill the sky above us, do you want that color to be blue




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