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Technical analysis of NYMEX crude oil: bearish in the near future, focusing on the support of USD 90.04/barrel

nymex crude oil technical analysis: bearish in the near future, focusing on the support of USD 90.04/barrel

march 4, 2013

[China paint information] March 4 - in the morning trading in Asia on Monday (March 4), NYMEX crude oil futures in April fell in a narrow range, and are currently trading near USD 90.58/barrel. Last Friday (March 1)  NYMEX April crude oil futures fell $1.37 to settle at $90.68/barrel. It once hit a low of $90.04 in the session and fell $2.45/barrel in the week; The settlement price of Brent crude oil futures was $110.40/barrel, down $0.98, and fell $3.69/barrel in the current week (the week of March 1), the third consecutive week of decline

Dow Jones technical analysts said that after falling to a two-month low of US $90.04/barrel on Friday, their mechanical properties have made them bearish on mex crude oil futures, which is expected to be adjusted within the range. Technical indicators showed that MACD sent a downward signal, random indicators were still in oversold areas, and the 5-day and 15 day moving average showed a downward trend

the analysis indicates that if NYMEX crude oil futures fall below the support level of USD 90.04/barrel, the target is USD 88.20/barrel (the low point on December 24), USD 87.96/barrel (the low point on December 21) and USD 86.48/barrel (the low point on December 17). If it breaks above US $91.97/barrel (last Friday's high), it will reverse the recent bearish situation. The target is US $93.18/barrel (last Thursday's high), then it is US $93.37/barrel -93.44/barrel (last Wednesday and last Tuesday's high respectively), US $94.46/barrel (February 25 high) and US $94.92/barrel (February 21 high)

according to the market center of e-huitong (678. about 30% of the EU's electricity comes from renewable energy com), at 8:29 Beijing time, NYMEX crude oil futures in April was reported at US $91.20/barrel, down 0.15%

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