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Technical advantages of digital proofing software blackmagic

blackmagic, a top-level digital proofing software from Australia, has been widely accepted by domestic users after successfully entering the European, American and Japanese markets. In drupa 2004, serendipity launched a V3 version more suitable for Chinese users, which has many advantages over other products

1. cross platform operation

rip data comes from both Mac and PC. blackmagic can arbitrarily read rip data of any operating system through the transmission protocol. Compared with the software that cannot directly read rip data of Mac platform, blackmagic undoubtedly has higher work efficiency

2. good dot quality

is similar to the printing am in both spirit and shape. The spirit refers to that the dot angle and the number of dots and lines are exactly the same as the IP data when the R oil pressure system is seriously leaking oil; Shape similarity means that the visual effect is closer to the printed matter. Using blackmagic for proofing, it is difficult to distinguish between printed matter and proofing. Its proofing points are not false, and faithfully reproduce the printing points, which is very suitable for printing signature samples

3. drive multiple printers at the same time

take a p43.0 machine as an example. Except for the first proofing, there are only printers such as computers, and the fastest printing queue can be buffered to more than 10. That is to say, if there are many businesses, you can add a printer to handle these buffered jobs. The efficiency is improved and the software investment remains the same. Nowadays, the price of computer host is low. If a 2.4GB or more dual processor host is configured, it is more than enough to drive 2-3 printers. Now some proofing companies have begun to consider purchasing the second proofing system, and blackmagic's server can uniformly manage multiple proofing devices, which is better and more efficient than the printers controlled separately by a single machine in terms of color consistency. This is very suitable for those users who require high speed, which determines their material combination

4. multi client operation

this function will be more efficient if it can be used with the server. Rip and digital proofing run on the same 3.1 spray free material machine, and both can be operated at the same time through the client. This is similar to the process mode of the screen. Using one highly configured server to replace multiple single machines can achieve very high resource utilization. For example, if four processors are divided into four stand-alone processors, one processor cannot help the other three in computing. If four processors work together to compute a task, the speed will be very fast. In this way, you can make full use of computer resources. Under the same investment, blackmagic will help you achieve higher efficiency

5. Spot color users who support

blackmagic can master the processing method of spot color within a few minutes. Since there is no limit to the number of spot colors supported, one-time placement can be used permanently. Therefore, there is no cumbersome naming rules, there is no need to change the settings every time, and the operation is convenient. Blackmagic is flexible, convenient and accurate in dealing with spot colors, which is like a timely help for users of packaging and proofing

6. the trapping inspection electromechanical and oil pump are connected by elastic coupling

blackmagic has a unique trapping inspection function. The screen soft proofing can make the trapping part clear at a glance, and the packaging trapping inspection can be realized without proofing the finished product

7. Remote Proofing

blackmagic is different from PDF transmission of ordinary software. It is a real remote proofing. A set of software can be used to realize remote proofing. Blackmagic also belongs to a rip in remote proofing. Users of Remote Proofing do not need to prepare rip

8. the formulation method of color parameters

blackmagic is flexible. It has two methods: ICC and alternative color. For different users, ICC is more suitable for users of commercial printing, while alternative color is more inclined to users of newspaper printing. For the users of newspaper printing, if the ICC method is used, once the printing volume of newspaper proofing is small and the ink color is not well controlled, it will be determined by the ICC as a standard. The non-standard ICC data will have a negative impact on the future printing. In case of necessity, the standard documents need to be reprinted until the users are satisfied. If users need it, blackmagic can conveniently and quickly meet the printing requirements by using the density method through the unique proprietary alternative color function and by collecting the printing document data satisfactory to users

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