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The roadheader of the coal mining machinery company is exported to Myanmar again. Taking advantage of the "the Belt and Road initiative", the independently developed mining roadheader products of the coal mining machinery company are exported to Myanmar again. This is the second export of the company's roadheader to Myanmar after it first entered the Myanmar market in September

China and Myanmar are good neighbors and friendly, and their trade and CAE predictability analysis have been used for a long time in the research on the metal embedding molding of the key components of PET bottle blowing machine. Driven by China's "the Belt and Road" strategy, the number of China Myanmar cooperative mining projects in Myanmar has increased. In view of this market information, the sales staff of the coal machinery company have sought a breakthrough through various channels, established contacts with Chinese investors, and vigorously promoted the company's coal mining machinery and equipment, And get the letter from the user in Myanmar to replace Lai in time. TBM products are the fist products of the coal mining machinery company. Many technologies have reached the international leading level. They have been exported to the United Kingdom, Turkey, Yemen, Vietnam, Russia and other countries, and have been recognized by overseas users in the process of use. The semi coal rock tunnelling machine "settled" in Myanmar again this time is the same model as the previously exported tunnelling machine, which integrates cutting, shipping and walking. It adopts the hybrid transmission of motor, hydraulic tray device and alarm device. It has a short body, compact structure, convenient, reliable operation and stable operation. It is suitable for the tunneling of coal and semi coal rock underground tunnels

since this year, the coal mining machinery company has taken advantage of the "the Belt and Road" strategy to go out. Please come in. In addition to the roadheader products, truck mounted cranes, side dump rock loaders and underground overhead passenger devices have all been exported. Foreign businessmen from Thailand, India, Sweden, Italy, Russia and other countries have been visiting. This actually refers to a process visit and business negotiation

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