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From August 14 to 17, 2013, Niu Yun, the leader of fast printing, was invited by general manager Liao Meichen of the fast printing shareholder store to visit the member standard store in Hefei with nearly 30 shareholders and senior members, including the fast printing VIP team and 15 fast printing shareholder stores, And guide and assist Meichen, a shareholder store with low price, to negotiate cross-border cooperation projects such as Huangshan Tourism and CYTS, so that the management, marketing and service of the shareholder store can be effectively improved even if it deliberately writes specific indicators to high wages at such a low price

during this inspection tour, Mr. Niu Yun went to Shanghai Sehu express, Changzhou Feiyi graphic, and Hefei Meichen express for in store inspection and guidance. He was warmly received by the owners and employees of the local map text express. Mr. Niu Yun and the VIP guidance center of the express printer conducted specific analysis of specific problems according to the actual situation of the local Graphic Express stores, tailored the remedy to the case, and put forward reasonable suggestions for store optimization, And provide overall training on marketing and management thinking for all employees of the Express Printing shop

on August 14, Mr. Niu Yun arrived at the standard store of fast printing with color fox graphics and Feiyi graphics. He formally met with shareholders and senior members from all over the world and began to visit the standard store and negotiate cross-border cooperation projects

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