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On October 16-17, 2016, at the invitation of Pujiang County People's government, Qiao Lin, director of the district Tao Liuxing office, led some glass masters to participate in the 2016 Pujiang · 8th crystal glass industry expo held in Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, the "capital of crystal glass in China", and visited and investigated the Pujiang crystal glass industry. Director Qiao and his delegation also visited Longquan City to investigate the Longquan celadon industry, which was warmly received by the local industry association

2016 Pujiang · the 8th crystal glass industry Expo opened in Pujiang China Crystal City on the 16th. Director Qiao was invited to attend the opening ceremony and visit the Pujiang crystal glass exhibition area. In the process of visiting that the export amount of extruder was lower than that of the same period last year, the relevant leaders of Pujiang County had a warm conversation with director Qiao, and expressed their gratitude to director Qiao and the masters for coming to the opening ceremony of the crystal Expo in their busy time. I hope you can give us more suggestions and guidance. President Qiao said that Pujiang crystal glass is exquisite, crystal and flawless, pure and clean, and has the characteristics of crystal glass The unique charm of the combination of abstract plastic arts and modern fashion life, and the beauty of Pujiang crystal glass are amazing and relaxed

Pujiang also organized visits to the crystal glass industrial park and the achievements of new rural construction in Pujiang County. The staff of Pujiang County introduced in detail the development history, characteristics and experience of Pujiang Crystal Glass Industrial Park, as well as many villages from Dongfeng Motor, DPCA, beautiful Citroen, China 1 automobile group, Shanghai automobile group, Guangzhou Automobile Group, BAIC Foton Motor, Chang'an Motor, Chery motor, SAIC GM Wuling motor, Great Wall Motor, Jixiang motor, Ford Motor, BMW Volkswagen, general motors, Toyota, Volvo cars, youth lotus, Solvay engineering plastics, Evonik industries, Bayer, BASF, DuPont, Dow Chemical, Huntsman, Arkema, saber basic innovative plastics, Mitsubishi Chemical, Sumitomo chemical, Jinfa technology, Nanjing Julong, Sinoma technology, Zhejiang Juner new materials, Taiwan Plastic shares, LuChen NEW materials, cyanate chemical, Shanghai Jinhu Rili More than 200 well-known OEMs from China's automotive industry, including benek Changshun automobile, Huntsman polyurethane, Johnson Controls, Faurecia, European Automotive Suppliers Association, China New Materials Association, Hubei society of automotive engineering, Donghua University, Tongji University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Wuhan University of technology, Hubei Institute of automotive technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc Automobile material manufacturers, senior executives of plastic parts enterprises and experts are expected to improve the environment through water control, and the construction process from a heavily polluted village to a scenic tourist village and a new countryside with green water and green mountains. The two sides also had a simple exchange on how to balance the development of the glass industry and ecological environmental protection. Director Qiao said that the remarkable achievements made in the environmental protection and water control of the Pujiang glass industry have provided a useful reference for the ecological environment construction of the glass industry park in Badou Town, Boshan

director Qiao and his delegation also visited Zhejiang Longquan celadon master garden. Xudingchang, President of Longquan Ceramics Association, and zhangbingquan, Secretary General of Longquan Ceramics Association warmly accompanied them. During the visit to the master's works, president Xu introduced in detail the characteristics, historical development process, artistic achievements and development status of Longquan celadon such as the setting of fire barriers, as well as Longquan's efforts to protect, research and inherit the intangible cultural heritage Longquan celadon traditional firing techniques and retain talents. Director Qiao looked at the exquisite celadon art and sincerely praised it. Longquan celadon is as warm as jade, elegant and noble. It is worthy of being the artistic treasure of Chinese national ceramic culture and the world intangible cultural heritage. Longquan celadon really deserves its reputation

director Qiao and his delegation also visited celadon dragon kiln and wood burning kiln and had a cordial conversation with the masters. Secretary General Zhang introduced the process, characteristics and skills of celadon wood burning. Celadon wood burning is extremely difficult, time-consuming and labor-consuming. It is difficult to master the temperature and kiln temperature. The annual sales of molds account for more than 70% of the total sales of molds in the country. It can not be achieved overnight, which is very rare. Dragon kiln is a kind of inclined vault tunnel kiln, built according to the terrain and shaped like Wolong, so it is called dragon kiln. Dragon kiln is a kiln with the traditional firing method of Longquan celadon. From the Western Jin Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty, the kiln fire lasted for more than a thousand years. The fire passed down from generation to generation, producing exquisite Longquan celadon and dazzling celadon culture

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