TDI traders in East China closed or rose sharply b

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Before the National Day holiday, TDI traders in East China either closed their offers or rose sharply

9 we can choose the most suitable materials. On June 27, Bayer US factory stipulated that the explosion information was like a shot in the arm for the rising TDI market in China. Some traders in East China either closed their offers or significantly raised their prices. At present, for small and medium-sized customers, BASF, South Asia and other sources of goods offer 29000 yuan/ton, which is even higher for those who still have a particularly large demand space in the foam granulator industry. The actual transaction volume of customers is more than 28500 yuan/ton

due to the scarcity of original supply and market information hype; A few transaction prices in East China before the festival will reach the latest level of 30000 yuan/ton

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