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Taoweijia, a girl from Nanjing, is obsessed with robot research and development. She is eager to contribute to the scientific and technological innovation of her hometown. On October 31, UNESCO approved 66 cities to hold regular operation analysis symposiums to join the global "creative city network". Among them, Nanjing was selected as the "City of literature" and became the first city in China to win this title

On October 31, UNESCO approved 66 cities to join the global creative city network, and the heavily polluted small paper mills were forced to withdraw from the market. Among them, Nanjing was selected as the capital of literature, becoming the first city in China to win this title. Nanjing has become the first world literary capital in China, which not only makes Nanjing people proud, but also attracts the attention of taoweijia, a Nanjing girl who works on the other side of the ocean. She wrote a letter to the Nanjing media art home platform, saying that Nanjing not only has a great heritage in literature, but also has made great achievements in the field of scientific and technological innovation, and has a great influence overseas. I am eager to have the opportunity to contribute to the technological innovation of my hometown. Moldex3D digimat RP further strengthens the link between plastic composite injection molding and FEA structural analysis and simulation

Tao Weijia, who studied in Nanjing wulaocun primary school and Nanjing foreign language school, was fascinated with mechanical things since childhood, which led her to choose robotics and mechanical engineering related majors when she studied in Worcester Institute of technology in the United States. At the end of 2017, while in school, she invented a soft manipulator and won the University's highest Entrepreneur Award kalenian award. The organic silicone fingers of the manipulator can help pick up and pack small items in the warehouse. She received a $10000 bonus. Kalenian award is a competition established by alba kalenian in 2006 to commemorate the late husband and inventor Aram kalenian, aiming to support innovative ideas or develop commercial products. The 2017 awards were presented by their son Paul kalenian. At present, the robot gripper parts developed by Tao Weijia has been successfully registered with the national patent and Trademark Office of the United States

this soft robot hand developed by taoweijia can adapt to objects of different shapes without harming them.

taoweijia, who was in graduate school, paid attention to the intensive research and development of safer, softer and more intelligent robot solutions for daily problems by emerging intelligent institutions. She and assistant professor of mechanical engineering kagdas onard put forward an idea when developing the hydraulic drive software finger, that is, directly using the motor to drive the software finger. Tao Weijia said: our robot soft hand can actually grasp any object it wraps. It can perform tasks that now require humans to have good motor skills, such as grasping eggs without crushing them

taoweijia's tutor believes that people can benefit from the invention because the manipulator can prevent them from doing repetitive work on the assembly line, so they can do more creative work

during his postgraduate study, Tao Weijia has won the first place in WPI entrepreneurship competition and the first place in software robot speed challenge of soft material robot challenge. She said with deep feeling: everyone can become an inventor. The key is that you should have observation and imagination

Tao Weijia (first from the right) and Paul kalenian (second from the right)

Tao Weijia, who is still focusing on robot research and development overseas, often knows the scientific and technological trends of his hometown Nanjing through the Internet. The 2019 Nanjing innovation week, with the theme of innovating Nanjing and unlimited opportunities, the concept of CO creation, sharing and win-win, and the main line of being smarter in the future, has been very distinctive and has become a hot topic for her and other team members who care about the motherland

on November 2, taoweijia contacted Liangping, the founder of Nanjing media art home, through the Internet in Boston, the United States, and became a member of this platform. Through this window, she will keep abreast of the changes in her hometown, and is willing to cooperate with those who work in Nanjing Science and technology but have stronger bearing capacity and higher release effect than the latter, so as to contribute to the economic construction of her hometown

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