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Taoxianfang, a power expert, was invited to attend the 5g base station power technology conference

5g era. It is noteworthy that the number of communication base stations has increased significantly. At the same time, it has also greatly filled the market space of base station power. According to the report of Chinatelecom, the share of communication power supply in the power supply market is as high as 35%. Although the power supply of the base station does not account for the highest value in the whole communication system, any failure of the base station will have a bad impact on the whole system, including the surge impact of the power module caused by complex applications

generally speaking, the sources of surge voltage can be divided into lightning strike, load switching and short-circuit fault in system application, frequent switching of other equipment, etc. If the above conditions occur frequently, the communication equipment will be seriously damaged. To a lesser extent, the power supply, operation board and other components of the communication equipment will be damaged. To a serious extent, the entire important communication facilities will be scrapped. In addition, once the base station equipment stops working, irreparable economic losses may be caused to nearby users. Therefore, the design of lightning and surge protection circuit for 5g base station power supply is very necessary

at this stage, the surge protector, which discharges surge current, discharges lightning current and limits surge voltage, is one of the main protection means. Before the protected circuit works normally and the transient surge does not arrive, this element presents a very high resistance, bypasses the surge current and limits the voltage at both ends of the protected equipment to a low level. At the end of the surge, the nonlinear element quickly and automatically recovers to a very high resistance. If this action and recovery process can be completed quickly and smoothly, the protected equipment and circuit will not suffer from lightning or operation surge, and their work will not be interrupted

the design of the base station power supply should also be a protection circuit composed of surge suppression devices at the power access port. The factors that need to be considered include breakdown voltage (protection level), current carrying capacity, continuous working voltage, response time, etc. in addition, the principle of referring to the control value is also the first priority when selecting electronic protection devices, Finally, it is a hard work to choose the packaging process according to the actual products

how many surge protection devices are needed? How to select the packaging process suitable for the use of base station power supply? And what should be paid attention to in the key design? On july31,2020, taoxianfang, Secretary General of the semiconductor application alliance, will attend the 020 (Shenzhen) 5g base station power supply technology innovation seminar, 2 which is mainly used to test the maximum force, specified non proportional elongation, maximum total elongation and stress relaxation performance of steel strands, drive the emerging industrial chain worth trillions of dollars, and give a speech on the key points of lightning and surge protection circuit design

special guest speaker:

taoxianfang, Secretary General of semiconductor application Alliance, Familiar with various product standards and application technologies

once served as the sixth vice president of Shenzhen Computer Association; Currently: special researcher of China Academy of Management Sciences, member of Expert Committee of China power supply society, Secretary General of semiconductor application alliance

about seminars:

since the establishment of the offline technology exchange conference in 2009, dabit information has successfully hosted more than 60 offline conferences (with a scale of more than 400 people), and nearly 100000 R & D management, technology development and application engineers have participated in the dabit conference through offline registration and offline participation

the 2020 (Shenzhen) 5g base station power supply technology innovation seminar seeks to find out how to enable relevant upstream and downstream enterprises to check whether the software calibration or calibration function is used before problems occur under the influence of the development bottleneck of 5g base station power consumption and the acceleration of 5g commercial network construction; A way to adapt and break through changes. This seminar brought together many well-known enterprises to give speeches, share product solutions and solve various technical problems

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