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Xuangong company implements the spirit of the group's monthly business regular meeting

Xuangong company implements the spirit of the group's monthly business regular meeting

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on September 28, after the group's monthly business regular meeting, Xuangong company held a meeting of the leading group and the top leaders of the party and government of all units to implement the spirit of the speech by Yu Yong, director of the group, and Peng Zhaofeng, general manager. Zhou Zhisheng, the general manager of the company, required that leading cadres at all levels of the company should enhance their sense of crisis and urgency, think deeply about problems, look inward to find their own gap, and focus on serving customers, so as to achieve comprehensive profits next year

Zhou Zhisheng pointed out that the current market situation is still severe, international industry giants are also laying off workers, and the world construction machinery industry has entered a period of in-depth adjustment. This severity should be passed on to employees in a timely manner. In response to the current market difficulties, we must not talk about objective conditions. We can only use the existing equipment and technical conditions, carry forward the spirit of self-reliance and hard work, pay attention to quality, products and technological processes, and set up multiple experimental parameters to improve the company's business performance

Zhou Zhisheng requires that we should solidly promote the key customer marketing system and mechanism. The company is established to provide improved design schemes for domestic instruments; On the other hand, the mechanism of service, return visit and contacting all end customers has been established, but it is still not enough to establish a stable new customer relationship. The company has formulated policies to strengthen customer service, ensure quality, quantity and delivery within the construction period, and make the key account manager and key account management mechanism operate at a high speed and efficiently. Zhou Zhisheng stressed that to do a good job in the enterprise, we must have a more serious spirit. At present, the market is gradually recovering, and the product quality is constantly improving, but compared with the same industry, it is still far from the requirements of the company's survival and development. All units should look inward to find their own problems, really think about the problems of their own departments, immediately wake up, catch up, use their brains to actively respond, and there are still many deficiencies in making the company's current work foreign products

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