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Publicity work meeting: create a sales leader to open a new situation

publicity work meeting: create a sales leader to open a new situation

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on February 26, the publicity company held a 2015 sales work meeting, stressing the need to lead the market operation with brand, focus customers usher in the second spring of the industry, precision marketing, highlight the construction of distribution channels, and integrate differentiated services to win, Strive to build a sales leader and open a new situation. All members of the company's leading group attended the meeting, and the heads of the company's production, technology, enterprise management, finance, quality assurance, supply and other departments and offices and all sales personnel attended the meeting

on behalf of the company, the chairman of the company, Chang Zhanfang, expressed heartfelt congratulations on the achievements made by the salesperson in 2014 and admiration for the courage shown by everyone to complete this year's goals and tasks. Chang Zhanfang pointed out that in 2015, in the face of the established goals and tasks, the company should adhere to the "user-centered, market-oriented and dangerous beaches", vigorously promote the reform of mechanism and system and the innovation of marketing mode, speed up the cultivation of channel competitive advantages, constantly tap market demand, actively play the dual guiding role of market and assessment, strengthen the leading position of sales, stimulate the vitality of marketing system, and quickly improve the market efficiency. Chang Zhanfang required that all sales staff should recognize the situation, unify their thoughts, strengthen their confidence, inspire their fighting spirit, turn pressure into power, difficulties into hope, challenges into opportunities, self pressurize, rise up with heavy loads, and strengthen their confidence in winning the task in an all-round way. Closely focus on the main line of "expanding marketing channels in an all-round way", carefully study the advanced concepts and successful experience of benchmarking enterprises, fully stimulate the efficiency of market resources and the vitality of sales teams, comprehensively improve the operating income of the main business sector, and strive to achieve a new leap in business objectives

Wang Jianchun, the general manager of the company, required that all sales staff must take efficiency as the goal, comprehensively benchmark the production line, innovate the marketing mode, reform the control mechanism, focus on performance, and adopt morality and ability to determine positions; We should focus on the control of end-users' resources, take the integrated service of production, marketing, research and supply as the guarantee, and take the national strategy of "the the Belt and Road" as the opportunity to explore the differentiated marketing mode in line with the company's production and operation, realize the collaborative linkage of production, marketing, research, quality and supply, and adhere to the production and operation philosophy of "sales around users and good repeated scratch and self-healing function, and the whole plant around sales", including technology, supply, production Quality assurance, value-added service to users, and escort the company's marketing work

at the meeting, the sales company summarized and reviewed the sales work in 2014, and arranged and deployed the sales work in 2015. The representatives of the quality, production and supply departments of the company made a statement, and Zheng Peijun made a statement on behalf of the branch

the meeting commended the excellent salesperson of 2015. Zhao Mingliang, Yun Jingtong, Yang Yanhong, Qi Xiaotao, Ma libing and Yun Heyi were rated as excellent service personnel in 2014

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