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Publicity affects consumers' choice of coatings. Is there really a "special function"

publicity affects consumers' choice of coatings. Is there really a "special function"

August 15, 2014

[China paint information] it is not difficult to find that merchants are selling functional building materials products, such as coatings that can decompose formaldehyde, antibacterial floors, etc., when visiting the building materials market today. In the publicity of merchants, these functional products have great powers, and their functions coincide with the demands of consumers to create a healthy and environmentally friendly home environment, so they have been recognized by many consumers. So, are functional building materials really that good? Did it pass the relevant tests in 2008? How should consumers choose? With these questions, we conducted an in-depth investigation on the building materials market a few days ago

today's interior wall coatings are magical, and businesses have given them various "special functions", such as adsorption and decomposition of formaldehyde, purification of indoor air, deodorization, antibacterial, mildew prevention... Are these propaganda true? Does paint really have "special function"

function claim“ × Oneness "

" in my impression, everyone asked for environmental protection of coatings to prevent them from containing harmful substances such as formaldehyde. But when I visited the building materials City, I found that some coatings would not release formaldehyde, but also resist formaldehyde. Is this true? " Recently, Ms. Wu, a consumer who is preparing to decorate, has questioned various functional coatings sold by businesses

indeed, the interior wall paint that used to make people talk about the color change of "aldehyde" has suddenly become a hero against "aldehyde". Such a change is really a little big, so that it is difficult to convince ordinary consumers

according to the survey, there are many kinds of functional coatings on the market now. In addition to formaldehyde resistance, there are also products with anti cracking, waterproof, alkali resistance, mold resistance, taste purification and other functions. In a brand paint franchise store, I saw an interior wall paint marked with the words "anti formaldehyde, clean taste, five in one". Its salesperson said that the paint adopts the clean taste technology and formaldehyde decomposition technology, which can not only purify the air and decompose formaldehyde, but also has the functions of scrub resistance, super mold resistance and so on. The leaflet of the product reads: "after the product is applied to the wall, formaldehyde molecules can be decomposed into water molecules." Another well-known brand of "anti formaldehyde five in one" coating claims to adopt microporous purification technology, which has the dual function of "strong absorption + rapid decomposition", and can significantly reduce the formaldehyde content in the air

in addition, coatings with functions of bamboo charcoal purification, bamboo charcoal aldehyde removal, ultra-fine sense of purification and taste have also been seen in the building materials market. It was found that merchants often use the words "anti formaldehyde" and "clean taste" when promoting functional coatings, and additionally publicize that they have mold proof, crack proof, waterproof and other functions, and they all claim to be“ × "One in one" products to attract the attention of consumers

in addition to written publicity, sales staff will also exaggerate the functions of these coatings, and their opinions are different. For example, when introducing the crack resistance function of paint, a salesperson of a brand of paint said that it can cover up small cracks on the wall, while the salesperson of another brand said that this kind of paint is elastic and can prevent hairy cracks on the wall. In addition, the salesperson's explanation of the coating with the function of purifying odor is also different. For example, a salesperson of a brand said that the pure flavor paint itself has no flavor and can be brushed and lived immediately, while the salesperson of another franchise store of the same brand said that in addition to the lack of flavor of the paint itself, the pure flavor can also absorb the peculiar smell produced by other indoor furniture, that is, it can absorb formaldehyde. When asked how to absorb, the salesperson explained: "this is our company's patented technology, which can decompose formaldehyde into water, and if it cannot be decomposed, it will be absorbed." When asked to look at the test report that can prove that the product has this function, some salespersons said that as long as you buy the product, you can show a copy of the test report together with the product certificate; Some showed the "China Environmental Labeling Product Certification" to the, but it only indicated that the product met the technical requirements of environmental products of the Ministry of environmental protection, and there was no certification or description related to the anti formaldehyde function

detailed interpretation of coating functions

at present, are there relevant standards to define functional coatings

according to the survey, taking the functional coating for taste purification as an example, the explanation of merchants can be summarized into two kinds: first, the coating itself is tasteless; Second, the paint can absorb other indoor odors. In this regard, industry insiders pointed out that many consumers believe that the smell of paint represents a problem, which is not the case. The main component of the coating is synthetic resin lotion, which emits the smell of clamping the free end of the sample and the experimental plate on the upper and lower grippers of the peel strength tester respectively, which is basically harmless to human body, just as vinegar emits sour taste

in addition, consumers also need to distinguish whether it is odorless or has the function of purifying odor. For example, the odourless of conventional paint after brushing refers to that it does not have peculiar smell itself, rather than that it is powerful enough to remove other peculiar smells produced in the decoration process. If it is a coating that can eliminate odor, it means that the product can remove other harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene series, etc., which is the functional coating that businesses strive to recommend to consumers for formaldehyde resistance or formaldehyde removal

the above insiders said that although the coatings with formaldehyde absorption function can be tested according to jc/t1074-2008 indoor air purification function coating materials, due to the poor operability of the standard, the test results often have large errors, which provides some businesses with the opportunity to exaggerate the taste purification function of their products. In fact, functional coatings are the future development direction of the coating industry, but as far as the current situation is concerned, the domestic coating purification technology needs to be improved

for those paint products with anti cracking, anti mildew and other functions, experts said that whether the wall surface cracks is mainly related to the basic treatment of the wall surface, and has little to do with the paint itself. The paint can only play some auxiliary roles. At present, there are many products with crack prevention function in exterior wall coatings, while there are few interior wall coatings; Mold proof is the function of the coating itself, but it is under normal temperature and humidity conditions. If the temperature and humidity change greatly, the coating will also produce mold; The significance of antibacterial is not to provide a breeding ground for bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria. For enterprises, the cost of anti-bacterial technology is low. Most manufacturers add anti-bacterial function to the anti mildew treatment of coatings, and take this as a new selling point. For ordinary consumers, there are few opportunities to contact with the wall in daily life, so the significance of antibacterial coating is not great

don't be credulous about exaggerated publicity

businesses' hype about functional coatings undoubtedly affects consumers' choices

consumer Mr. Zhang said, "I attach great importance to the environmental protection of coatings. I certainly don't recognize coatings without anti formaldehyde function, but no one can tell how much formaldehyde these products can decompose."

consumer Ms. Zhou said: "I often see advertisements promoting the odor cleaning function of coatings, and some products claim that they do not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances. I don't know whether it's true or false. I always feel that there are no harmful substances in these chemically synthesized things. But for the sake of insurance, I also chose coatings with odor cleaning function. After all, the use area of coatings is large. For the sake of health, I still try to buy products with full functions."

an insider wrote that unrestrained concept marketing will overdraw the reputation of the industry. The article said: "the profits obtained by hyping the concept are temporary. The concept without technology and quality support is like a house without foundation, which is easy to collapse. Its impact is not only serious damage to the reputation of enterprises, but also a crisis of trust in the industry as a whole." As consumers generally do not understand the mechanism of the environmental protection function of paint products, they can only follow the publicity of businesses. If a business has the concept of hype, once it is recognized by consumers, the business and even the whole industry will encounter a credibility crisis

in view of the phenomenon that businesses over publicize functional coatings, the China Paint Industry Association issued a statement in 2013 that it is inappropriate to publicize formaldehyde resistance as a supplementary function of building interior wall coatings as a main selling point. Before the actual effect of anti formaldehyde functional coatings on indoor air is scientifically and thoroughly demonstrated, the China Paint Industry Association calls on relevant enterprises to temporarily stop using "anti formaldehyde" as a selling point when promoting their functional products, and calls on consumers not to use such publicity as a reference for choosing and purchasing coatings

it is understood that the most important environmental indicators of coatings are the content of volatile organic compounds (VOC), formaldehyde, benzene homologues and heavy metals. At present, the two general standards in the coating industry are GB and hj/t, which are understood to strictly limit the content of VOC, benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, lead, mercury and other substances in interior wall coatings. Because it is also easy to cause oil leakage, whether a coating product is environmentally friendly depends on whether the harmful substances contained in it are lower than the national standard limit, rather than the publicity of the business

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