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The public service platform will make Zouping aluminum industry even stronger.

recently, the leading group of platform project construction learned that after intense preparation and construction, Zouping aluminum industry public service platform will be put into trial operation in July. After trial operation and further improvement, the platform is planned to be officially launched before the end of the year

the aluminum industry public service platform project was officially launched at the end of last year. In the past six months, all work has been carried out in an orderly and smooth manner, and phased results have been achieved. At present, the entity company has been registered and established as the carrier of the trading market platform; And solicited the opinions of investors, and completed the articles of association and various systems; Completed the internal and external decoration bidding of the company's office location and trading hall; The office location of the company has been determined, the trading software and hardware suppliers have been determined through bidding, and the recruitment of employees is under way; It is expected that all materials will be reported before the end of June when the "yes" button is pressed

the public service platform is designed and built to a high standard, and it integrates the release of complete sets of testing technology information, such as incubation, R & D, major scientific and technological breakthroughs and sampling testing, steel chemical composition analysis, coating testing, building engineering materials, waterproof materials testing, energy-saving testing, etc., and mainly provides information sharing, exhibition and trading, R & D and design, test verification, testing and inspection, public technology transformation, integration of industrialization and industrialization Quality control, technical certification, equipment sharing, energy conservation and environmental protection, policy services, logistics distribution, investment and financing, talent introduction, education and training and other related services

"the aluminum industry public service platform will 'string' production, learning, research and enterprises, making Zouping aluminum industry even stronger. The county Party committee and government have taken the construction of this platform as a key factor in whether the world-class' aluminum valley 'goal can be achieved." According to the relevant person in charge of the leading group for platform project construction, the public service platform to a large extent represents the stamina and prospects of industrial development. A sound public service platform system is one of the important indicators to measure the core competitiveness of industrial clusters

the public service platform is of great significance to promote the independent innovation, transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry in Zouping County. As the largest aluminum production base in the world, Zouping County has formed a complete industrial system, and aluminum enterprise groups such as Weiqiao Entrepreneurship (China Hongqiao), innovation group and Samsung Group have sprung up. Statistics show that the aluminum industry in the county achieved a sales revenue of 48.8 billion yuan in January this year, an increase of 28.9% year-on-year, showing a good development trend. Weiqiao venture group is the largest aluminum industry leading enterprise with world influence in China. Zouping County has five provincial and municipal technical centers, including the provincial high strength and high toughness aluminum alloy new material engineering research center. It is the only emerging industry demonstration base named after new materials in the province

recently, the general office of Shandong provincial government issued a notice on promoting the innovation, development, transformation and upgrading of non-ferrous metal industry to improve quality and efficiency. The notice pointed out that Binzhou and other places should be supported to build high-end aluminum industry clusters and strive to cultivate Zouping aluminum deep processing Industrial Park and other characteristic parks into provincial or national non-ferrous metal deep processing demonstration bases. This has provided strong policy support for Zouping County to accelerate the formation of high-end aluminum related industrial clusters and create a "world aluminum Valley". Focusing on optimizing the service environment, optimizing the supply and demand structure, and stimulating new momentum, the county Party committee and government, based on industrial advantages, put forward the strategic goal of building a "world aluminum Valley", and strive to build a 200billion level characteristic high-end industrial cluster with high product added value, strong industrial innovation, high market share, and strong influence in the world in 2-3 years, strive to build a world "aluminum Valley", and actively seize the voice of future aluminum development, In the development of global aluminum industry, it really issued "if Zou calculates the mold cavity according to the known plastic part size and material shrinkage, it is d=m/(1-s) in order to simplify the calculation in the mold design"

the construction of the public service platform in the aluminum industry is based on serving the real economy and providing multidimensional care for the real economy, "Duan Xiaoping said. According to relevant industry experts, the public service platform will help the aluminum industry gradually form a socialized, market-oriented and professional public service system and long-term mechanism, promote the optimal allocation of resources, professional division of labor and cooperation, and the innovative development of small and medium-sized enterprises, promote the development, transfer and application of common key technologies, and the training and introduction of talents, and improve Zouping's overall image, brand awareness of advantageous products and market pricing power, Cultivating markets for goods, capital, services and talents, and building product distribution, trading and settlement centers play an important role and have broad prospects for development

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