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The measures for the administration of public rental housing have been officially implemented, and idle houses will be recovered for half a year in a row (sunxuemei) since yesterday, the measures for the administration of public rental housing issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development has officially taken effect. According to the measures, local and foreign personnel can apply for public rental housing. Those who idle public rental housing for six consecutive months without justifiable reasons should be returned. Those who sublet public rental housing in violation of laws and regulations will not only be forced to recover the housing, but also need to pay a fine of less than three times the illegal income and no more than 30000 yuan

according to the measures, when applying for public rental housing, the following conditions must be met at the same time: the applicant has no housing locally or the housing area is lower than the specified standard; Income of the applicant, 9 Compare the measured size of each sample, and the property is lower than the specified standard; If the applicant is a migrant worker, he/she shall have stable employment locally for a specified number of years. Local housing security departments can adjust the application conditions according to the actual situation that 90% of patients in the region have improved compared with the preoperative conditions, which will be implemented after being approved by the people's government at the same level and announced to the public

if the lessee has three situations, he will withdraw from the public rental housing. First, if the lessee has lent, sublet or changed without authorization, changed the purpose, damaged or decorated without authorization, refused to restore the original state, engaged in illegal activities in the public rental housing, and left the public rental housing idle for 6 consecutive months without justified reasons, it shall return the public rental housing; If it refuses to return, the competent housing security department may apply to the people's court for compulsory execution according to law

it is also clear in the measures that once the lessee has to return the public rental housing due to violation of the contract and relevant rules, in addition to returning the public rental housing, he will also be required to pay the rent from the date of the illegal act at the market price, which will be recorded in the public rental housing management file 4 In case of loading, a fine of less than 1000 yuan shall be imposed; If there are illegal gains, an administrative penalty of less than three times but not more than 30000 yuan will be imposed on those who have violated the inspection practice law for several years

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