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Pubang sensor is a professional sensor research and manufacturer, which can re analyze the curve and manufacture various photoelectric switches, proximity switches, light curtain switches, magnetic switches, digital panel meters, gear speed sensors, textile sensors, weft detectors and solid-state relays. At present, various types of sensors produced have been widely used in plastic, light industry, shoe industry, textile, chemical industry, petroleum, tobacco, food, metallurgy, electric power and other industrial machinery and equipment as well as automatic assembly lines for limit, positioning detection, automatic counting, speed measurement, automatic protection, signal transmission, protection and isolation. Our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards, and can be interchangeable with similar foreign products. Precautions for the use of high and low temperature universal material testing machine. The components of the products are made by world-famous manufacturers, which are carefully designed and assembled. The product quality can be comparable with foreign products. The products have been exported or exported abroad with the host machine

after more than ten years of development, the company has a certain scale and enjoys high popularity in the same industry. It has a scientific research team composed of domestic first-class technical experts and senior engineering technicians. In order to speed up product development and strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprise, the company actively introduces various specialized talents and purchases advanced development instruments and testing equipment. The company has strong technical force, perfect production technology and professional production equipment and testing instruments, including lower computer status, mouse graphic position, experimental tips, experimenter information, etc. The production procedures have been standardized and organized. The main technology and components of the products are from [Japan, Germany and the United States]. The workmanship is exquisite, the detection means are complete, and the product quality has reached the international advanced level

in the fierce market competition, the company always takes quality as the core of all management work, regards product quality as the life of the enterprise, establishes a relatively perfect quality assurance system, takes "quality first, user first" as the consistent purpose of market competition, and solemnly promises to customers to implement thoroughly responsible after-sales service. We have a comprehensive computerized design engineering research and development department and professional technical personnel, and constantly develop new products with high efficiency and high quality. We can not only provide customers with our existing products, but also develop new products according to customers' specific needs, and provide customers with comprehensive product services in the way of ODM or OEM

the company always adheres to the business philosophy of quality first, reasonable price, timely delivery and considerate service. Customers' breakthrough in the research of soft fibrous nano materials is our eternal goal. For more than ten years, our company has been meeting the various needs of customers at home and abroad with the best products and services, and has been highly praised by the majority of users

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