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British scientists invent synthetic shell material

recently, scientists at the University of Manchester and the University of Leeds in the UK have successfully developed a new type of seashell synthetic material, which is a mixture of chalk and polystyrene cups. The new material is harder, and the residential and office buildings built with this material will be more durable

researchers extract corresponding substances from various dissimilar components and finally synthesize a new composite material. At present, this technology can be used to manufacture anti cracking performance. Whether fatigue performance can meet the requirements of train operation has become a very high concern of the railway transportation management department, such as pottery, crack resistant building materials and bone replacement materials. And related papers have been published in advanced materials monthly. Researchers said that through this technology, it has been possible to successfully strengthen the materials used to make beverage cups, such as the mixture of calcium carbonate and polystyrene particles, or the mixture of chalk and polystyrene particles

researchers also developed a method that can effectively combine polystyrene particles with calcite crystals, and found that this method can make the originally brittle materials more ductile. They pointed out that polystyrene can also be used as a reinforcing agent to prevent cracks from expanding. Scientists also observed that when this reinforcing material breaks, the polymer in the crack will absorb energy and improve toughness, so its morphology will be prolonged. In addition, this new method can also change the properties of new materials through the selection of different shapes, sizes and components

Stephen, School of materials, University of Manchester Dr. ashhorncon said: "The mechanical properties of shell materials can be comparable to those of artificial ceramics treated with high temperature and high pressure. The construction method of shell materials can help disperse structural stress and effectively control the spread of cracks. Calcium carbonate is the main component of chalk, and its brittleness is very high, so it can be easily broken with a little external force. But by contrast, the material of shell is stronger and tougher, and its fracture resistance is also obvious This is mainly because calcium carbonate is combined with protein and a certain amount of crystals are added at the same time. This is just like the function of bricks on the wall, which can make the wall harder and even more firm. At present, we have used polystyrene to add protein to the material, so as to create a more solid shell shaped structural material, which has properties similar to natural shells. "

Dr. Stephen added, "however, the project needs further research and testing, but our research has provided the most effective method for manufacturing harder composites based on chalk, and the application potential of this new material will be very great in the future."

the research project was supported by the British Engineering and Natural Science Research Council (EPSRC) and jointly with Fiona, a professor at the school of chemistry, University of Leeds, UK Mie's joint research and development

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