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According to foreign media reports, the famous Laboratory of the U.S. government, Ramos scientists, recently said that the mini nuclear power plant will be sold within five years. Its size is like a garden hut, which can provide power for 20000 families. It is reported that the micro reactor will be enclosed in the factory, without weapons grade materials, no moving parts, and there is no possibility of theft, because it is embedded in concrete and buried underground

the U.S. government issued technology licenses to Hyperion in New Mexico. Last week, the company said it had received an order from a company and began mass production five years later. The head of the company said that their goal is to generate electricity at 10 cents per watt anywhere in the world. Each reactor is worth $25million. For a community with 10000 families, each household will share 250 dollars equally

the person in charge said that he had received orders from more than 100 companies, most of them from oil and power enterprises. But he said the company also aims at developing countries and closed communities. Next, the company plans to set up three plants to produce 4000 micro nuclear power plants between 2013 and 2023. The head of the company said that they have already produced 100 production lines for anti deadlock reactors, and are now seizing the time to make the production of such reactors procedural

the first confirmed order came from the Czech infrastructure company tes, which specializes in water and power supply facilities. The company ordered four reactors and chose another 12. American companies think they have purchasing power. The first reactor will be installed in Romania. The company now has 6-year pre orders and is now negotiating with developing Cayman Islands, Panama and Bahamas

this kind of micro reactor is only a few meters long in diameter and can be transported by truck and buried underground for work. But the fuel should be changed every 7-10 years. Because this kind of reactor was designed 50 years ago and has been proved safe for students, no country will refuse to use it. The request to build a nuclear power plant can be submitted to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission next year

the person in charge of the company said that people don't have to worry about the Chernobyl accident. There are no moving parts here. Changing the fuel requires national resources, and the external parts are too hot to hold by hand

other companies are also said to be manufacturing miniature nuclear power plants. Toshiba Corporation of Japan is testing and setting a 200 kW reactor with forward and reverse bending experimental angles, and the size is 6. The experimental operation must also be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant national standards and procedures × 2 meters. The designed smaller reactor has a longer service life and can serve a single building for more than 40 years

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